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Grateful Quotes

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It is just that we should be grateful, not only to those with whose views we may agree, but also to those who have expressed more superficial views; for these also contributed something, by developing before us the powers of thought.

Tags: May, Thought  ✍ Author: Maya Angelou

I've been very fortunate and I am grateful.

Tags: Fortunate  ✍ Author: Scott Baio

There's the classic charitable contribution, which we receive thousands, and we're extremely grateful and they often come with notes from people, which are very heartwarming, about how much difference our products have made in their life on the Internet.

Tags: Life, Often  ✍ Author: Kenny Baker

I was at a point where I was ready to say I am what I am because of what I am and if you like me I'm grateful, and if you don't, what am I going to do about it?

Tags: Point, Ready  ✍ Author: Anne Bancroft

A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.

Tags: Proud, Thinks  ✍ Author: Henry Ward Beecher

Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.

Tags: Appearance, Mirror  ✍ Author: Samuel Butler

Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.

Tags: Learn, Time  ✍ Author: Sarah Caldwell

I watched Ricki Lake's documentary, 'The Business of Being Born,' and that led me to call a midwife, and not an ob-gyn, when I found out I had conceived. My delivery was not easy - they call it 'labor,' not 'a vacation!' - but I was incredibly grateful that I did it that way.

Tags: Business, Easy  ✍ Author: Sarah Wayne Callies

I am especially grateful, however, to have known the fifties, before we began to poison our own civilization - or at least before the effects of the poison began to be felt.

Tags: Felt, Known  ✍ Author: Orson Scott Card

I don't I have everything I want; however, I have a lot and for that I am very grateful.

Tags: However  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Daily

There's something about an American soldier you can't explain. They're so grateful for anything, even a film actress coming to see them.

Tags: American, Soldier  ✍ Author: Marlene Dietrich

Back in the days, the groups and the bands that we listened to were like Earth, Wind and Fire, Santana and Grateful Dead. We don't have a lot of those bands anymore.

Tags: Dead, Fire  ✍ Author: Sheila E.

Dogs notice, they share, they draw conclusions, they like it when they're able to be of service and are touchingly grateful when they're praised.

Tags: Able, Service  ✍ Author: Roger Ebert

I think you have to be grateful to those who have helped you.

Tags: Helped  ✍ Author: Cesc Fabregas

I really am profoundly grateful just in general in my life. I've had an embarrassing amount of good fortune.

Tags: Good, Life  ✍ Author: Edie Falco

I feel really grateful that I am in comedy, and I love doing it.

Tags: Comedy, Love  ✍ Author: Anna Faris

Many of our prayers were not answered, and for this we are now grateful.

Tags: Answered, Prayers  ✍ Author: William Feather

Whatever life throws at me I'll take it and be grateful for it as well.

Tags: Life, Whatever  ✍ Author: Tom Felton

President Reagan is now at rest. We mourn his passing, but we are grateful for the gifts he gave us: a safer world, strong economic base, and a renewed belief in America's greatness.

Tags: America, Strong  ✍ Author: Elton Gallegly

But audio is a component of video, so there's always been that anyway, and although we've never expressed a visual side apart from the Grateful Dead movie, I don't find it that remote, you know what I mean? It's a departure of sorts, but it's like a first cousin.

Tags: Dead, Mean  ✍ Author: Jerry Garcia

I have all the patience in the world about Sirens. For me it's not a Grateful Dead project, it's a Me project.

Tags: Dead, Patience  ✍ Author: Jerry Garcia

I'm grateful for any opportunity to act.

Tags: Act  ✍ Author: Janeane Garofalo
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I feel very, very grateful. I'm a lucky guy, you need a lot of luck, and then when the cameras roll, you have to have this group of writers, directors, and actors that just gel, and it seems to literally be happening more and more.

Tags: Group, Luck  ✍ Author: Brad Garrett

I am absolutely blessed and I'm very grateful for where I am today.

Tags: Blessed, Today  ✍ Author: Geri Halliwell

Clinton has played a major role in giving companies like Cipla credibility, for which I will always be grateful.

Tags: Giving, Played  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

I am infinitely grateful to the life which privileged me.

Tags: Life, Privileged  ✍ Author: Jacky Ickx

I'm privileged and grateful to lead The Walt Disney Company and our talented, dedicated team at this exciting time.

Tags: Team, Time  ✍ Author: Bob Iger

I'm grateful to look the way I do. However, if I could change anything, I would like to be a bit bigger all over. Not much - just a bit.

Tags: Bit, Change  ✍ Author: Chanel Iman

We weren't by any means like the Grateful Dead or something, who could just roll on and on and on.

Tags: Dead, Means  ✍ Author: Neil Innes

The people of Iraq are grateful for what the people of the United States of America and our armed forces and our coalition forces are giving them the opportunity to do.

Tags: America, Giving  ✍ Author: Johnny Isakson

Most actors are very grateful for what is as opposed to what will be. You spend 98% of your time looking for a job, so when you get it, it's fantastic.

Tags: Job, Time  ✍ Author: Brian d\'Arcy James

I'm quite grateful to the BBC. They helped me back onto the touring circuit.

Tags: Helped, Quite  ✍ Author: Louise Jameson

I found that a bit unfair. However, I did feel quite liberated when I left. I'm very grateful to the show - it revived a flagging career, but I'm glad to be away from it now.

Tags: Away, Career  ✍ Author: Louise Jameson

I am deeply grateful to the citizens of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Canton assembly for bestowing upon me this incredible honor of citizenship. I am so proud to now be a part of such an extraordinary part of the world and fellow citizen to the people I deeply love and admire.

Tags: Love, Proud  ✍ Author: Angelina Jolie

Writing is never, ever easy but I wake up every morning grateful for the gift of being able to do this.

Tags: Morning, Writing  ✍ Author: Guy Gavriel Kay

My life has been a blessing. I'm grateful for everything I do have and the places I'm going and the things I've seen.

Tags: Blessing, Life  ✍ Author: Leah LaBelle

Kenny G, I have to be grateful to him for proving that the instrument can be played all different kinds of ways.

Tags: Him, Ways  ✍ Author: Steve Lacy

Dear Lord, I'm so grateful I'm still loved.

Tags: Lord, Loved  ✍ Author: Vivien Leigh

I've permitted myself to learn and to fail with some regularity. And that is probably the one thing I was given, and that I'm still grateful for.

Tags: Fail, Learn  ✍ Author: John Malkovich

I am very grateful to make my living doing what I would do for free.

Tags: Free, Living  ✍ Author: Judd Nelson

I feel very grateful that I have never had to be or ever chosen to be or accidentally found myself to be in the space of the other woman.

Tags: Found, Woman  ✍ Author: Jennifer Nettles

Great indebtedness does not make men grateful, but vengeful; and if a little charity is not forgotten, it turns into a gnawing worm.

Tags: Great, Men  ✍ Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

I'm surrounded by it. I have so many lovely people around me who are supportive, gentle, kind and considerate. I'm so grateful for every day that I'm on the planet and that continues to be so.

Tags: Lovely, Planet  ✍ Author: Richard O\'Brien

I'm just so grateful and astonished that I'm still respected and listened to.

Tags: Astonished, Respected  ✍ Author: Mike Oldfield

When you are grateful - when you can see what you have - you unlock blessings to flow in your life.

Tags: Blessings, Life  ✍ Author: Suze Orman

I don't want to become unhealthily attached to what I do. I'm grateful for what I do, but I also want to be able to be OK when I'm not doing it.

Tags: Able, Become  ✍ Author: Ellen Page

I love telling stories and I love writing so the fact that I can do it professionally is something that I've always been very grateful for.

Tags: Love, Writing  ✍ Author: Christopher Paolini

I've always been very grateful that enough people have enjoyed reading what I've written that I've been able to pursue writing professionally.

Tags: Enough, Writing  ✍ Author: Christopher Paolini

Immensely grateful, touched, proud, astonished, abashed.

Tags: Proud, Touched  ✍ Author: Boris Pasternak

Well, I'm not a critic, I'm just a worker. So, I'm always grateful for anything the critics say - good or bad.

Tags: Bad, Good  ✍ Author: Mandy Patinkin

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Tags: Friendship, Happy  ✍ Author: Marcel Proust

I'm thrilled of the acceptance I get abroad. The people are so hearty, warm and grateful and I feel privileged having seen so many countries and some of the greatest monuments.

Tags: Acceptance, Greatest  ✍ Author: Daniel Radcliffe

I have achieved a lot and I'm grateful for that - I'm just a bit greedy because I want to add the Olympics. It's once every four years - everyone wants it and very few people get it.

Tags: Everyone, Once  ✍ Author: Paula Radcliffe

'Awkward Black Girl' is spreading to all the right people because of word of mouth and social networks. I'm so grateful.

Tags: Black, Girl  ✍ Author: Charlotte Rae

Every time I'm recognized in public, I'm super grateful and appreciative, but I also get hot and nervous.

Tags: Public, Time  ✍ Author: Charlotte Rae

I'm delighted to be coming back to Formula 1 after a two-year break, and I'm grateful to Lotus Renault GP for offering me this opportunity.

Tags: After, Break  ✍ Author: Kimi Raikkonen

I am completely grateful and pleased for the attention and the recognition I've received for playing the roles that I've played.

Tags: Attention, Playing  ✍ Author: Sara Ramirez

I'm very grateful that President Obama has lifted the restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Tags: President, Research  ✍ Author: Nancy Reagan

And so I was very grateful that I didn't do the British stiff upper lip, but I went straight to a therapist. And she was wonderful and helpful, and I went for about two years.

Tags: She, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Lynn Redgrave

I am very grateful to God everyday that my eyes flutter open and I can jump out of that bed!

Tags: Eyes, God  ✍ Author: Jerry Reed

We are grateful to God.

Tags: God  ✍ Author: Muqtada al Sadr

Generally, I find a lot to be grateful for.

Tags: Generally  ✍ Author: Katey Sagal

I feel really grateful to the people who encouraged me and helped me develop. Nobody can succeed on their own.

Tags: Nobody, Succeed  ✍ Author: Sheryl Sandberg

I'm ready to do something with Lady Gaga or Andrea Bocelli. I'm really grateful that nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Tags: Lady, Ready  ✍ Author: Carlos Santana

I am impelled, not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession.

Tags: Lion, Pride  ✍ Author: John Steinbeck

I would find myself laughing and wondering where these ideas came from. You can call it imagination, I suppose. But I was grateful for wherever they came from.

Tags: Call, Ideas  ✍ Author: Amy Tan

I owe my life to blood donors. I'm forever grateful to people who donate.

Tags: Blood, Life  ✍ Author: Niki Taylor

When people think it's successful, I'm grateful. When they don't - OK, I'll try again.

Tags: Successful, Try  ✍ Author: Rod Taylor

That is the thing I'm most grateful for in this industry to be able to spin in those different mediums, with television, film and the stage - at this stage of the game.

Tags: Able, Game  ✍ Author: Blair Underwood

I'm not worried. I'm just so grateful to be in the position that I'm in. I'm just going with the flow right now, and I think my album will come together quite nicely because I think everybody is on the same page.

Tags: Everybody, Together  ✍ Author: Carrie Underwood

I will be very grateful that I get to go out and play a song and get well paid for it.

Tags: Paid, Song  ✍ Author: Kathy Valentine

I felt very unstressed on my wedding day. I'm very grateful for that... spending the day on my own, being super quiet and happy and just puttering around doing my own thing.

Tags: Happy, Wedding  ✍ Author: Sonya Walger

I am very humble, and I am very gracious and very grateful for everything that happens to me and about me and around me.

Tags: Happens, Humble  ✍ Author: Lil Wayne

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

Tags: God, Humble  ✍ Author: John Wooden

I will say that since our capture we have met with uniform kindness, and while in the penitentiary our relations with the officers have been cordially pleasant, and for their considerate and kind disposition we feel profoundly grateful.

Tags: Kindness, While  ✍ Author: Cole Younger

I feel very grateful to be alive and well enough to make music.

Tags: Enough, Music  ✍ Author: Adam Ant

Now that I'm on Broadway, it's like NASA engineering with the costumes. I was very grateful for the slightly more high-tech ones in my show, 'Venus in Fur'; our costume designer Anita Yavich is kind of a genius.

Tags: Genius, Show  ✍ Author: Alexis Arguello

Occasionally it's been a long and bumpy road - one I'm still travelling - but I've always felt like my home town has been solidly behind me and I'm both grateful and proud.

Tags: Home, Proud  ✍ Author: Simon Armitage

This airline is grateful for his extensive contributions and we will miss his friendship and support. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Casey family on its personal loss.

Tags: Family, Friendship  ✍ Author: Gerard Arpey

I am 30, but there are things about me that are still 15.

Tags: Parents, Today  ✍ Author: Brigitte Bardot

I'm grateful to have the chance to be inspired by the incredible artists that are out there.

Tags: Chance, Inspired  ✍ Author: Sara Bareilles

In difficult times, it's so hard to look around and to see what to be grateful for.

Tags: Difficult, Hard  ✍ Author: Alice Barrett

So every single day, I found something to be grateful for and that's a powerful lesson.

Tags: Powerful, Single  ✍ Author: Alice Barrett

So I'm very grateful for everything that has happened in my life.

Tags: Happened, Life  ✍ Author: Alice Barrett

Any artist should be grateful for a naive grace which puts him beyond the need to reason elaborately.

Tags: Him, Reason  ✍ Author: Saul Bellow

Well, I'm grateful for all the experiences that I've had.

 ✍ Author: Laura Benanti

I didn't do a movie until I was almost 30. I'm grateful for that because it gave me a chance to be an adult in the world and do work in the regional theater that very few people cared about. I loved it and I wanted to do that stuff.

Tags: Wanted, Work  ✍ Author: Annette Bening

Now we have reason to be grateful once again that Al Gore is not the man in the White House, and never will be.

Tags: Again, Reason  ✍ Author: William Bennett

I was getting offers. I had just turned them down. Then I realized I should be grateful that at age 54, people were still offering me film roles.

Tags: Age, Getting  ✍ Author: Candice Bergen

I have been commissioned to write an autobiography and I would be grateful to any of your readers who could tell me what I was doing between 1960 and 1974.

Tags: Between, Tell  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Bernard

I'm super grateful to be an employed actor.

Tags: Actor, Super  ✍ Author: Mayim Bialik

Although I am deeply grateful to a great many people, I forgo the temptation of naming them for fear that I might slight any by omission.

Tags: Fear, Great  ✍ Author: Theodore Bikel

I am a grateful... grapefruit.

 ✍ Author: Georges Bizet

Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind - listen to the birds. And don't hate nobody.

Tags: Hate, Mind  ✍ Author: Eubie Blake

I have ended as a Reform Rabbi, grateful to Christianity for so many good things.

Tags: Good, Reform  ✍ Author: Lionel Blue

I went to Ithaca, found the Grateful Dead and my life was changed.

Tags: Dead, Life  ✍ Author: David Boreanaz

The Oscar made me a star, and I'm grateful. But I feel had I not won the Oscar I wouldn't have gotten into the messes I did in my personal life.

Tags: Life, Personal  ✍ Author: Ernest Borgnine

Focus on the positives and be grateful.

Tags: Focus, Positives  ✍ Author: Katrina Bowden

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.

Tags: Home, Moment  ✍ Author: Berkeley Breathed

Look, I've always been a confident bloke. I'm grateful to my mother for that.

Tags: Confident, Mother  ✍ Author: Bryan Brown
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