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Bike Quotes

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An intellectual is a man who doesn't know how to park a bike.

Tags: Intelligence, Park  ✍ Author: Spiro T. Agnew

If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.

Tags: Falling, Off  ✍ Author: Lance Armstrong

I am a bike enthusiast; there's a certain amount of romance to bikes. They're both beautiful and utilitarian.

Tags: Beautiful, Both  ✍ Author: Dave Eggers

People ask me what my hobbies are in interviews, and I always say biking. But all I bike for is to get to rehearsal more quickly.

Tags: Ask, Interviews  ✍ Author: Jesse Eisenberg

My father was a motorsports journalist and a motorbike fan. He gave me my motocross bike.

Tags: Father, Gave  ✍ Author: Jacky Ickx

I ride a bike and use aerobic equipment twice a week, and work out with a trainer, lifting weights.

Tags: Week, Work  ✍ Author: Bob Iger

He didn't riot. He got on his bike and looked for work.

Tags: Riot, Work  ✍ Author: Norman Tebbit

Dancing is like riding a bike.

Tags: Dancing, Riding  ✍ Author: Jamie Bell

Have fun, be active. Ride a bike instead of driving, for example.

Tags: Example, Fun  ✍ Author: Ann Marie Buerkle

I live on the water. I live in a neighborhood that's consummately connected to my neighbors. I bump into them every day. I can bike to work.

Tags: Water, Work  ✍ Author: Ann Marie Buerkle

I'm no Lance Armstrong, but I do use a bike to get from place to place in Manhattan, a little bit of Brooklyn.

Tags: Bit, Place  ✍ Author: David Byrne

I'm a big tandem bike rider... I've had a tandem bike since I was 12, and I wanna be a competitive tandem bike rider one day.

Tags: Big, Since  ✍ Author: Miranda Cosgrove

I have a specialized racing bike, which is great because it has a solid build, is comfortable to ride, and is lightweight.

Tags: Great, Racing  ✍ Author: Patrick Dempsey

So we're going to do a Battlestar Galactica themed bike and bring another one of the bikes.

Tags: Another, Bring  ✍ Author: Noah Hathaway

I believe there are two periods in life, one for the bike, the other for becoming active on one's work.

Tags: Life, Work  ✍ Author: Bernard Hinault

For 20 years I've had the privilege of representing Canada around the globe... first on the bike and then on my blades. The experiences have shaped me into who I am today.

Tags: Canada, Today  ✍ Author: Clara Hughes

I like being active and riding a bike around my neighborhood and exercising when I can.

Tags: Active, Riding  ✍ Author: Victoria Justice

In Europe, I always have fun bike riding in Amsterdam.

Tags: Europe, Fun  ✍ Author: Ezra Koenig

In Paris, I rent a bike in the street and cycle around, and in L.A. I live up in the hills so I go hiking a lot.

Tags: Paris, Street  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

For exercise, I tend to like the outdoors. In Paris, I rent a bike in the street and cycle around, and in L.A. I live up in the hills so I go hiking a lot. I like to stay fit by being generally active.

Tags: Exercise, Stay  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

I ride my bike, I work out, I do a bit of, er, dancey things.

Tags: Bit, Work  ✍ Author: Stella McCartney

Cycling is based so much on form, on aesthetics, on class - the way you carry yourself on the bike, the sort of technique you have.

Tags: Class, Yourself  ✍ Author: David Millar

I spent a couple of months just riding a bike doing my own training in the streets.

Tags: Couple, Training  ✍ Author: Jonny Lee Miller

I used a bike in London and that's it. I learnt a lot about biking, and really got into. Now I cycle regularly.

Tags: London, Used  ✍ Author: Jonny Lee Miller

I like to dirt bike ride, four wheeler, go-kart.

Tags: Four, Ride  ✍ Author: RJ Mitte
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I get fit taking my bike out in the woods.

Tags: Fit, Taking  ✍ Author: Juan Pablo Montoya

I bicycle 12,000-foot mountain passes, run, cross train, skate-ski, hike and mountain bike.

Tags: Mountain, Run  ✍ Author: Carre Otis

At weekends, I've been going on long but steady-paced four-and-a-half-hour bike rides.

Tags: Rides, Weekends  ✍ Author: Denise Van Outen

I'm kind of a jock. I sail, I ride a bike, I hike, I pump iron. I just love to be active.

Tags: Active, Love  ✍ Author: Laura Schlessinger

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