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Bob Menendez's Quotes

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Born: 1954-01-01
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Bob Menendez

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I don't believe that, with the click of a mouse, you should be able to buy unlimited amounts of ammunition.

Tags: Able, Buy, Mouse

I don't believe you need high capacity magazines to go hunt. If you have to use 100 rounds to shoot a deer, you're in trouble.

Tags: Capacity, High, Trouble

I want to have a good vote in the Senate so we send the message that the Republicans and the Democrats are together in favor of immigration reform.

Tags: Good, Together, Vote

There's a difference between a free market and free-for-all market.

Tags: Between, Difference, Free

This is the United States of America. It means we respond to our fellow Americans in times of crisis and emergency and disaster.

Tags: America, Crisis, Means

If you got up this morning and had fruits for breakfast, it was probably picked by the bent back of an immigrant worker. If you slept in a hotel or motel of the nation, you probably had your room done by an immigrant worker.

Tags: Done, Morning, Nation

There's a difference between, as I always say, the destination, the end point, and the journey. The journey has a lot of twists and turns. It isn't always pretty.

Tags: Between, End, Pretty
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Bob Menendez's quote #3
Bob Menendez's quote #3
Bob Menendez's quote #3
Bob Menendez's quote #3
Bob Menendez's quote #3
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