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Broderick Crawford's Quotes

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Born: 1911-12-09
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Broderick Crawford

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I collect antiques. Why? Because they're beautiful.

Tags: Antiques, Beautiful, Why

If you're going to be a bum, be the biggest. If you're going to blow it, blow it big.

Tags: Big, Biggest, Blow

I get a wild hair up my nose and I want to go.

Tags: Hair, Nose, Wild

I have a jaundiced eye but a young mind.

Tags: Eye, Mind, Young

I only go to mass when somebody asks me, but when I get in trouble I call for a priest.

Tags: Call, Somebody, Trouble

I want to make someone walk straight, but I've left my sons nothing but wars.

Tags: Left, Someone, Walk

I was always the second heavy.

Tags: Heavy, Second

I'm a lousy reader.

Tags: Lousy, Reader

I'm too young for Medicare and too old for broads to care.

Tags: Care, Old, Young

I'm what you call a deathbed Catholic.

Tags: Call, Catholic, Deathbed

I've made my peace with myself.

Tags: Peace

I've made upwards of a million bucks in the cops-and-robbers business.

Tags: Bucks, Business, Million

It's hard to explain why I like Europe so much.

Tags: Europe, Hard, Why

My father was always telling himself no one was perfect, not even my mother.

Tags: Dad, Father, Mother

So don't applaud. Just send me the check.

Tags: Applaud, Check, Send

When people tell you they saw your last picture - well, the way they say it sounds like they hope it was.

Tags: Hope, Last, Tell

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