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Calmly Quotes

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No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal.

Tags: Matter, Parenting, Try  ✍ Author: Bill Cosby

We must have our say, not through violence, aggression or fear. We must speak out calmly and forcefully. We shall only be able to enter the new world era if we agree to engage in dialogue with the other side.

Tags: Able, Fear, Speak  ✍ Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun

Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few stones upon it.

Tags: Accept, Few, Good  ✍ Author: Albert Schweitzer

There never has been a war yet which, if the facts had been put calmly before the ordinary folk, could not have been prevented. The common man, I think, is the great protection against war.

Tags: Great, Put, War  ✍ Author: Ernest Bevin

After we have calmly stood by and allowed monopolies to grow fat, we should not be asked to make them bloated.

Tags: After, Fat, Grow  ✍ Author: John Griffin Carlisle

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Calmly quote #2
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Calmly quote #2
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