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Chooses Quotes

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No one chooses to raise children alone.

Tags: Alone, Children  ✍ Author: Erykah Badu

What sort of philosophy one chooses depends on what sort of person one is.

Tags: Depends, Philosophy  ✍ Author: Johann Gottlieb Fichte

I don't think anyone chooses the decathlon as much as it chooses you.

Tags: Anyone, Decathlon  ✍ Author: Bryan Clay

If we live in a world where information drives what we do, the information we get becomes the most important thing. The person who chooses that information has power.

Tags: Becomes, Power  ✍ Author: Seth Godin

The world chooses to think what the world thinks.

Tags: Thinks  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

Each day, each one of us chooses not to do many things that would be legal but offensive to those around us.

Tags: Legal, Offensive  ✍ Author: Mike Peters

Nature chooses who will be transgender; individuals don't choose this.

Tags: Choose, Nature  ✍ Author: Mercedes Ruehl

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