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Mercedes Ruehl's Quotes

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Born: 1948-02-28
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Mercedes Ruehl

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I learned a lot more about transgender people. It's not a choice, but a physiological condition that has to do with the size of the hypothalamus part of the brain.

Tags: Brain, Choice, Learned

Nature chooses who will be transgender; individuals don't choose this.

Tags: Choose, Chooses, Nature

But in my own particular case, there was something that happened when I became a mother. Whenever in the news I saw an example of a child being abused or mistreated, my response went from being appalled to being physically revolted.

Tags: Child, Happened, Mother

Society historically has a difficult time with the concept of something new and foreign that shakes up our comfortable views, especially if it involves the very volatile question of sexual identity.

Tags: Difficult, Society, Time

I find there's almost no place to put an award that one's quite comfortable with.

Tags: Almost, Place, Put

In this business, you never say no to anything.

Tags: Business

We have the tendency to condemn what we don't understand.

Tags: Condemn, Tendency, Understand

Writing of that caliber spoils you for any other kind of writing for awhile. But that's probably good.

Tags: Awhile, Good, Writing

You know, I once leased a Mercedes because I got a good deal on it because of my first name.

Tags: Good, Name, Once

Also, I had read a book called She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders, written by a professor who had gone through transgender surgery, but it took this person well into his thirties to come to terms with the absolute necessity of having to do it.

Tags: Book, Life, She

I'll be with The Goat until the fall. Then I've been given three plays to look at and there have been a couple of films have come over the desk. I will probably not do either one of them.

Tags: Fall, Three, Until

I can't believe that I'm on the Olympic team.

Tags: Olympic, Team

I only finished first grade.

Tags: Finished, Grade

I should still be in jail.

Tags: Jail

If I wasn't a champion, I'd still be in jail. That makes me try very hard.

Tags: Champion, Hard, Try

Maybe with boxing and good focus, I can fix myself and make my mother proud.

Tags: Focus, Good, Mother

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