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I will continue to work in Washington to oppose any efforts to expand drilling off our Coasts and to challenge my colleagues to adopt responsible energy policies.

Tags: Challenge, Energy, Work  ✍ Author: Lois Capps

If the area were on or near the U.S. continental shelf, such data could well provide an enemy with strategically invaluable insights into undersea access routes that could be used to attack some of the millions of Americans who live on or near our coasts.

Tags: Attack, Enemy, Used  ✍ Author: Frank Gaffney

I want to see Haiti do better. We have the sun everywhere: that's a big asset. We have wonderful coasts, beautiful islands, mountains. Other countries that have that are known for it, but Haiti has been so focused inwards, on its problems.

Tags: Beautiful, Big, Sun  ✍ Author: Laurent Lamothe

In New York I was always offered the hot, sexy roles. But in L.A. I was offered the plain, dowdy roles. It says a lot about the difference between the coasts.

Tags: Between, Difference, Sexy  ✍ Author: Bebe Neuwirth

Between New York and L.A., and all of us who are actors, I feel like we're just one big, cast repertory company, all running back and forth between the coasts and between different shows. There is a wealth of great character actors, who show up, here and there, on different shows. I love the fact that we're allowed to do that.

Tags: Character, Great, Love  ✍ Author: Denis O\'Hare

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