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David Blunkett's Quotes

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Born: 1947-06-06
Profession: Politician
Nation: British
Biography of David Blunkett

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I have always been honest about my recollection of events.

Tags: Events, Honest

It would be dangerous territory if I wasn't practising what I preach which is to always accept responsibility, always accept the consequences of your actions.

Tags: Accept, Actions, Dangerous

But any perception of this application being speeded up requires me to take responsibility.

Tags: Perception, Requires

I did not in late November start the plethora of linking my private life with public events again.

Tags: Again, Life, Start

I don't think anyone can say I have said one thing in public and done another in private.

Tags: Another, Done, Said

I have built my reputation on honesty, I have sometimes been too honest.

Tags: Honest, Honesty, Sometimes

I have never tried to fiddle my role as leader of the city of Sheffield, as an MP or as a minister.

Tags: City, Leader, Tried

Strengthening our identity is one way of reinforcing people's confidence and sense of citizenship and well-being.

Tags: Confidence, Identity, Sense

That is why with enormous regret I have tendered my resignation to the prime minister today.

Tags: Regret, Today, Why

And we think that our citizens and yours would be very angry if they thought that we hadn't taken every possible step for prevention and then for joint action in the likelihood of those who threaten our lives and our well- being, taking action at the same time.

Tags: Angry, Thought, Time

I love the walk although my security team weren't too sure to begin with but I was anxious to be able to lead a near normal life. Whilst walking I do get the chance to meet people and keep in touch.

Tags: Life, Love, Team

I said it's impossible to have an amnesty without ID cards and a clean database, because you firstly don't have any incentives for people to actually come up front and register, and make themselves available, and secondly you have no means of tracking them.

Tags: Impossible, Means, Said

Judy, we think that since the 11th of September, 2001, we've faced a similar heightened threat level. And we've been enhancing both the exchange of intelligence and security information and the assessment of that information, because that's the crucial element.

Tags: Both, Security, Since

When I'm in London I do have the convenience of being close to St James Park which is also good for me because it gives me an excuse to get out and get some much needed exercise!

Tags: Exercise, Good, Travel

Yes, it will go through the disciplines that all puppies go through including house training and puppy walking, then at twelve month old it the training becomes a lot more rigorous which has to be done carefully otherwise you are in danger of stressing the dog.

Tags: Done, Old, Training
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