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Dom DeLuise's Quotes

Dom DeLuise profile photo

Born: 1933-08-01
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Dom DeLuise

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Sometimes I get a little manic and you can't stop me. I'm all over the place. I have fun.

Tags: Fun, Place, Sometimes

Every couple of seconds out here they're honoring somebody. You've got to get dressed, go in and sit down. Invariably somebody makes a speech.

Tags: Here, Makes, Speech

Dolly Parton... I love being around that woman! I worked really hard to keep up with her.

Tags: Hard, Love, Woman

I have a cooking show that's coming on that I did in Albany. It will be on The Cooking Channel.

Tags: Coming, Cooking, Show

I think I was immediately fed, so food became a very important part of my life.

Tags: Fed, Food, Life

I was at dinner with Gene Wilder and imitated Ethel Barrymore for everyone.

Tags: Dinner, Everyone, Gene

I'd rather be at home with 12 people around the table.

Tags: Home, Rather, Table

I've had some wonderful times at the White House. I've been with Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush.

Tags: House, Times, Wonderful

Mr. Brooks and I have been friends forever. He is in seventh heaven with his new success on Broadway.

Tags: Friends, Heaven, Success

My mother had lots and lots of children who didn't survive.

Tags: Children, Mother, Survive

The joys of my life are my granddaughters. They are beautiful. You don't have to believe me. You can ask my wife. She'll tell you.

Tags: Beautiful, Life, Wife

There were five writers on Blazing Saddles.

Tags: Blazing, Five, Writers

When I was 14 years old, I decided I could cook. It was either that or puberty.

Tags: Decided, Either, Old

Mel is nuts. He puts on a suit and a tie and acts like a normal person so people think he's okay. He's definitely out in left field. He's got the ambition of a boy.

Tags: Ambition, Left, Normal

Once at the White House I was asked to conduct the Drum and Bugle Corp. The man just handed me the baton and I finished the song. It was great. I got to keep the baton.

Tags: Great, Keep, Once
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