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Dylan Thomas Quotes

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There's one of my new poems actually - is a good example of where my poetry has ended up. My earlier river poetry was more like a cross between Shelley and Dylan Thomas.

Tags: Between, Good, Poetry  ✍ Author: Robert Adamson

My father had wanted to name me for Dylan Thomas. He had seen him speak on one of those drunken poetry tours he did.

Tags: Father, Him, Poetry  ✍ Author: Dylan Walsh

It's not name dropping, but not many people can say, like me, that they spent the day with the likes of Francis Bacon or that boring drunk Dylan Thomas. You don't forget things like that.

Tags: Boring, Drunk, Forget  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Bernard

My parents were inspired by Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas when naming me. They specifically saved this masculine name for their only girl.

Tags: Girl, Inspired, Parents  ✍ Author: Dylan Lauren

I've been interested in writing and storytelling since I learned to read, but it wasn't until I read Dylan Thomas, when I was 14, that I became interested in language itself, and saw it as more than a transparent medium for a story.

Tags: Learned, Until, Writing  ✍ Author: Jay McInerney

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Dylan Thomas quote #2
Dylan Thomas quote #2
Dylan Thomas quote #2
Dylan Thomas quote #2
Dylan Thomas quote #2

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