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East Asian Quotes

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In fact, it struck me when we invaded last year that if we did it without European and East Asian support, we were risking losing our alliance in Europe in exchange for Iraq, and that is a very undesirable exchange.

Tags: Fact, Last, Losing  ✍ Author: William Odom

In this context, the current recovery in the Japanese economy is taking place in tandem with the growing interdependence with the rest of the world, particularly with the other East Asian economies.

Tags: Growing, Place, Rest  ✍ Author: Toshihiko Fukui

The direct investment of Japanese businesses to East Asian economies accelerates the reallocation of their production bases. Consequently, between Japan and the other East Asian countries, both exports and imports are growing substantially.

Tags: Between, Both, Growing  ✍ Author: Toshihiko Fukui

People like to say that East Asians in general, and Japanese in particular, are not very expressive: there's that term 'inscrutable.' But often, Europeans just don't get the Asian codes. Believe me, the message is being expressed OK.

Tags: General, Message, Often  ✍ Author: David Mitchell

I think it is not necessary at this time to put forth a grand vision such as an East Asian Community. What we must do before that is create scenarios for Japan's response in case of a serious territorial incident.

Tags: Put, Serious, Time  ✍ Author: Yoshihiko Noda

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