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Ernst Moritz Arndt's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Poet
Nation: German
Biography of Ernst Moritz Arndt

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Nothing that is really good and God-like dies.

Tags: Death, Dies, Good

The brave man, indeed, calls himself lord of the land, through his iron, through his blood.

Tags: Brave, Himself, Lord

This truth is a remedy against spiritual pride, namely, that none should account himself better before God than others, though perhaps adorned with greater gifts, and endowments.

Tags: God, Spiritual, Truth

Consider then, O man! whether there can be anything more wretched and poor, more naked and miserable, than man when he dies, if he be not clothed with Christ's righteousness, and enriched in his God.

Tags: God, Miserable, Poor

In short, all things that please the natural man in this world, are, to a true Christian, only so many crosses and temptations, allurements of sin and snares of death, that continually exercise his virtue.

Tags: Christian, Death, True

Whatever man uses without the fear of God, whatever he applies to the mere gratifying of his flesh, cannot fail to operate as a poison to the soul, however pleasant and salutary it may appear to be to the body.

Tags: Fear, God, May

For even these are no less bestowed on him of pure grace, than are righteousness and salvation themselves.

Tags: Him, Less, Themselves

But since the world, which thou art to strive against, is not without thee, but within thee, it follows, that it is also to be conquered not without, but within thee.

Tags: Against, Art, Since

It certainly is the duty of every true Christian, to esteem himself a stranger and pilgrim in this world; and as bound to use earthly blessings, not as means of satisfying lust or gratifying wantonness, but of supplying his absolute wants and necessities.

Tags: Blessings, Christian, True

Yet, so far from laboring to know the forbidden tree of worldly pleasures and its various fruits, man gives himself up to a careless and thoughtless state of life, and yields to the lust of the flesh, not considering that this lust is really the forbidden tree.

Tags: Far, Life, State

A good story is a good story, whatever the medium.

Tags: Good, Story, Whatever

Good writing is deceptive in that it hides its own artifice - it makes it seem easy.

Tags: Easy, Good, Writing

My God, there are so many mediocre screenplays out there.

Tags: God, Mediocre

The best writing really does come from the deepest, most private part of you.

Tags: Best, Private, Writing

Working at Pixar has been like my graduate school for screenwriting.

Tags: Graduate, School, Working

Writing a great script - not just a good one, but a great one - is almost an impossible task.

Tags: Good, Great, Writing

If you write a bunch of different characters with a bunch of different opinions, you end up with these long scenes of everyone standing around talking.

Tags: End, Everyone, Write

You never want your second act or the whole movie to just be this relentless march towards its goal. You want things to take the audience by surprise.

Tags: Act, Goal, Whole
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