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Falls Quotes

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He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

Tags: Himself, Love  ✍ Author: Benjamin Franklin

He that falls into sin is a man; that grieves at it, is a saint; that boasteth of it, is a devil.

Tags: Devil, Sin  ✍ Author: Thomas Fuller

Los Angeles is a microcosm of the United States. If L.A. falls, the country falls.

Tags: Country, United  ✍ Author: Ice T

If you do not milk the cow fully, it falls sick.

Tags: Milk, Sick  ✍ Author: Lalu Prasad Yadav

There's no twilight in the tropics. Night falls like a curtain.

Tags: Night, Twilight  ✍ Author: Waldemar Young

If Russia rises, it means that the USA falls down.

Tags: Means, Russia  ✍ Author: Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Well, Barry, it's your film. So if it rises or falls, you're the man.

Tags: Barry, Film  ✍ Author: Robert Conrad

I like to work a lot with wood. I make furniture that falls apart. I also sew.

Tags: Apart, Work  ✍ Author: Tim Conway

This dark brightness that falls from the stars.

Tags: Dark, Stars  ✍ Author: Pierre Corneille

If you really know... what you want and how to get there, then everything else really falls into place.

Tags: Else, Place  ✍ Author: Marlen Esparza

Have you ever been to Glens Falls? The city limits signs are on the same post.

Tags: City, Limits  ✍ Author: Bobby Heenan

He'll call that trickle-down. I call it Niagara Falls.

Tags: Call, Niagara  ✍ Author: Jack Kemp

There's rises and falls and ups and downs in all music.

Tags: Downs, Music  ✍ Author: Tim McGraw

What genre it falls under is only of interest later.

Tags: Interest, Later  ✍ Author: Rick Moody

I can't do anything else. So if this falls through, I'm screwed.

Tags: Else, Screwed  ✍ Author: Tim Roth

Even if one tree falls down it wouldn't affect the entire forest.

Tags: Forest, Tree  ✍ Author: Elisabeth Shue

I always watch Dean Martin's show... just to see if he falls down.

Tags: Show, Watch  ✍ Author: James Stewart

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