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Fantasy World Quotes

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All of the problems we're facing with debt are manmade problems. We created them. It's called fantasy economics. Fantasy economics only works in a fantasy world. It doesn't work in reality.

Tags: Problems, Reality, Work  ✍ Author: Michele Bachmann

I was passionate. I found something that I loved. I could be all alone in a big old skating rink and nobody could get near me and I didn't have to talk to anybody because of my shyness. It was great. I was in my fantasy world.

Tags: Alone, Great, Old  ✍ Author: Dorothy Hamill

I don't really like politics that much. And I like the order and simplicity of sports. They have an ending. You can argue with your friends about it, but in the end you still like sports. I almost love the fantasy world of sports more than the real world.

Tags: Love, Politics, Sports  ✍ Author: Norm MacDonald

I like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Thrones.' I like that era. I like that fantasy world.

Tags: Bad, Fantasy, Game  ✍ Author: Navid Negahban

I got into acting to avoid politics of any sort so I could remain in a fantasy world.

Tags: Acting, Avoid, Politics  ✍ Author: Mary Lynn Rajskub

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Fantasy World quote #2
Fantasy World quote #2
Fantasy World quote #2
Fantasy World quote #2
Fantasy World quote #2

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