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Fitting Quotes

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And then ESPN fired me. I did not think that was a fitting punishment.

Tags: Fired, Punishment  ✍ Author: Michael East

The research included neutron resonance spectroscopy, the angular distribution of pion elastic and inelastic scattering on nuclei with optical model fitting.

Tags: Model, Research  ✍ Author: James Rainwater

It is more fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament over it.

Tags: Laugh, Life  ✍ Author: Albert Schweitzer

This is a much more fitting interpretation of the book than its modern interpretation.

Tags: Book, Modern  ✍ Author: Henry Vaughan

I took my waitress uniform. Seemed fitting.

Tags: Took, Uniform  ✍ Author: Shiri Appleby

In many ways, not fitting in has been a comedic asset and a comedic resource.

Tags: Resource, Ways  ✍ Author: Jack Dee

I spent a lot of my childhood not fitting in, in a lot of different ways.

Tags: Childhood, Ways  ✍ Author: Wil Wheaton

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