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Greg Rusedski's Quotes

Greg Rusedski profile photo

Born: 1973-09-06
Profession: Athlete
Nation: British
Biography of Greg Rusedski

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You do it for the highs, when you're totally engrossed and everything's flowing and whatever you want, you get. It's like magic. That's why you play the game. That's what it's for. That's why you work.

Tags: Game, Why, Work

I don't read all the newspapers.

Tags: Newspapers, Read

I'm happy in retirement.

Tags: Happy, Retirement

If I stay healthy and I'm playing good tennis I have as good a chance as anybody.

Tags: Chance, Good, Playing

It is a big adjustment but I've always loved that old saying of Jack Nicklaus: 'I retired from golf to go to work.' That sums it up for me.

Tags: Old, Saying, Work

It's about you. If you win, it's you; if you lose, it's you. Black and white. Nowhere to hide.

Tags: Black, Lose, Win

It's not a break until you hold your serve.

Tags: Break, Hold, Until

My biggest problem will be lack of match toughness but I am a positive, optimistic person.

Tags: Optimistic, Positive, Problem

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Tags: Makes, Stronger

When you're young, you don't know what you don't know, so it's easier to get into that magical thing.

Tags: Easier, Magical, Young

You win any which way you can. You do what you have to do to get by. That's the way it works in any job.

Tags: Job, Win, Works

I'm really looking forward to getting back and winning some matches but I'm not thinking about the U.S. Open yet, just getting through my first match.

Tags: Forward, Thinking, Winning

The downside isn't really injury, fear of injury or the process of fighting back from injury. The downside, the very worst thing in the world, is surgery.

Tags: Fear, Fighting, Process

The only way to get back the confidence is to play and win matches. You can practise as much as you like, but you need confidence that comes from playing and winning matches.

Tags: Confidence, Win, Winning

You can't really describe how difficult it is to deal with. It is any athlete's worst nightmare to be accused of cheating by taking drugs. It really is very difficult to put into words how it makes you feel.

Tags: Cheating, Put, Words

A Web site is the only medium of semipermanent communication where you can express yourself.

Tags: Express, Web, Yourself

Company names without clear pronunciation or spelling won't last.

Tags: Company, Last, Won

Facebook has focused on the conversation, but not really on absorbing the Web into its walled garden.

Tags: Focused, Garden, Web

For Web-based services, owning the .com is very important when considering search and discovery. But consider your channel. For companies playing in the mobile app space, the dot com may be less important - it's about status and searchability in the app store.

Tags: Less, May, Playing

I often get questioned about how we came up with the name 'Weebly.' We all know that all of the good domain names are already taken, and we had neither the desire nor budget to try and fit our business into a pre-existing word - so we made one up.

Tags: Business, Good, Try

Whether people want to do business or sell things online, reach new people and be found, showcase their achievements, or communicate with their friends or family, Weebly is the best way for them to create a high-quality site that meets their goals.

Tags: Best, Business, Family

Word-of-mouth marketing is a crucial component of organic growth for startups and one of the primary ways that Weebly has grown to over 15 million customers.

Tags: Growth, Marketing, Ways
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