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Easier Quotes

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It is always easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.

Tags: Fight, Principles  ✍ Author: Alfred Adler

It's so much easier to pray for a bore than to go and see one.

Tags: Bore, Pray  ✍ Author: C. S. Lewis

It is easier to stay out than get out.

Tags: Stay  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

In America nothing dies easier than tradition.

Tags: America, Tradition  ✍ Author: Russell Baker

People can cry much easier than they can change.

Tags: Change, Cry  ✍ Author: James A. Baldwin

It is easier to be critical than correct.

Tags: Correct, Critical  ✍ Author: Benjamin Disraeli

It is much easier to be critical than to be correct.

Tags: Correct, Critical  ✍ Author: Benjamin Disraeli

How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.

Tags: Correct, Critical  ✍ Author: Benjamin Disraeli

If you serve well, your volleys are going to be so much easier. It has got to do with confidence, obviously.

Tags: Confidence, Serve  ✍ Author: Stefan Edberg

Laughing makes everything easier.

Tags: Laughing, Makes  ✍ Author: Carmen Electra

As a painter, it seemed easier to sort of disappear.

Tags: Disappear, Painter  ✍ Author: Troy Garity

It's much easier to work with an unknown.

Tags: Unknown, Work  ✍ Author: Taylor Hackford

It is much easier to drive without having an accident.

Tags: Accident, Drive  ✍ Author: Alec Issigonis

'No' is always an easier stand than 'Yes.'

Tags: Stand, Yes  ✍ Author: Immanuel Kant

Criticism is always easier than constructive solutions.

Tags: Criticism, Solutions  ✍ Author: Jaron Lanier

It is easier for a tutor to command than to teach.

Tags: Command, Teach  ✍ Author: John Locke

The sooner we learn to be jointly responsible, the easier the sailing will be.

Tags: Learn, Sailing  ✍ Author: Ella Maillart

A lot of people don't want to make their own decisions. They're too scared. It's much easier to be told what to do.

Tags: Decisions, Scared  ✍ Author: Marilyn Manson

When there's that forgiveness present and compassion, it just helps you live so much easier.

Tags: Compassion, Present  ✍ Author: Craig T. Nelson

I would talk in iambic pentameter if it were easier.

Tags: Funny, Talk  ✍ Author: Howard Nemerov

I think life is easier if you're straight.

Tags: Life, Straight  ✍ Author: Rosie O\'Donnell

It's easier to run for office than to run the office.

Tags: Office, Run  ✍ Author: Thomas P. O\'Neill

We should have an easier name to pronounce.

Tags: Name, Pronounce  ✍ Author: John Oates

Character is much easier kept than recovered.

Tags: Character, Kept  ✍ Author: Thomas Paine

It just gets easier in that you become more you in the process.

Tags: Become, Process  ✍ Author: Brad Paisley
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The easier things are to buy, the more we consume.

Tags: Buy, Consume  ✍ Author: Randy Quaid

For the mind is all the easier to teach before it is set.

Tags: Mind, Teach  ✍ Author: Sean Quinn

It is much easier to try one's hand at many things than to concentrate one's powers on one thing.

Tags: Hand, Try  ✍ Author: Sean Quinn

It is easier to know men in general, than men in particular.

Tags: General, Men  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Tags: Wish  ✍ Author: Jim Rohn

Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done.

Tags: Computers, Done  ✍ Author: Andy Rooney

It is easier to make a saint out of a libertine than out of a prig.

Tags: Saint  ✍ Author: George Santayana

It was easier to conquer it than to know what to do with it.

Tags: Conquer  ✍ Author: Horace Walpole

I have always like doing accents; I find it much easier to get into character for me.

Tags: Accents, Character  ✍ Author: Kevin Zegers

It's easier for me to let the game just come to me.

Tags: Game  ✍ Author: Carmelo Anthony

I think it's always easier to play parts that you have something concrete that you can relate to.

Tags: Concrete, Relate  ✍ Author: Hayley Atwell

It is sometimes easier to have furniture made than to find things.

Tags: Furniture, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Stephen Bayley

To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely.

Tags: Die, Religion  ✍ Author: Jorge Luis Borges

I make friends faster and easier than journalists.

Tags: Faster, Friends  ✍ Author: Anthony Bourdain

All I have are the people.

Tags: Becoming, Number  ✍ Author: Bill Bradley

If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.

Tags: Hard, Life  ✍ Author: Louis D. Brandeis

It's so much easier to have no expectations than to have big ones.

Tags: Big  ✍ Author: Ann Brashares

It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.

Tags: Bank, Holding  ✍ Author: Bertolt Brecht

Solving big problems is easier than solving little problems.

Tags: Big, Problems  ✍ Author: Sergey Brin

A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it.

Tags: Heck, Question  ✍ Author: George W. Bush

Some things are easier to legalize than to legitimate.

Tags: Legalize, Legitimate  ✍ Author: Nicolas Chamfort

Producing is easier, I can just be at the set overseeing the story.

Tags: Producing, Story  ✍ Author: Morris Chestnut

I couldn't have been happier with the relationship we had with Disney, it couldn't have been easier.

Tags: Disney, Happier  ✍ Author: Joel Coen

The career doesn't get any easier. A career stays tough.

Tags: Career, Tough  ✍ Author: Dabney Coleman

It's so much easier to know who you are when there aren't a thousand people telling you who they think you are.

Tags: Telling, Thousand  ✍ Author: Miley Cyrus

It's easier to cancel a show if it's expensive.

Tags: Expensive, Show  ✍ Author: Louis C. K.

Lyrics are the only thing to do with music that haven't been made easier technically.

Tags: Lyrics, Music  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

With the crowds on your side, it's easier to play up to your potential.

Tags: Potential, Side  ✍ Author: Julius Erving

It is easier to get an actor to be a cowboy than to get a cowboy to be an actor.

Tags: Actor, Cowboy  ✍ Author: John Ford

There's no easier pitch to hit than a splitter that doesn't do anything.

Tags: Hit, Pitch  ✍ Author: Whitey Ford

It is easier to believe than to doubt.

Tags: Doubt  ✍ Author: Gene Fowler

Nothing in life is so hard that you can't make it easier by the way you take it.

Tags: Hard, Life  ✍ Author: Ellen Glasgow

Jail is much easier on people who have nothing.

Tags: Jail  ✍ Author: Bernhard Goetz

I made it easier for many artists to play in certain areas.

Tags: Areas, Artists  ✍ Author: Norman Granz

I have an iPhone, too, but I use the Blackberry more because I'm addicted to BBM'ing. I'm also on Twitter 24/7 and it's a lot easier on the BlackBerry.

Tags: Addicted, Blackberry  ✍ Author: James Harden

Easier to climb up, than to just hang on.

Tags: Climb, Hang  ✍ Author: Ronald Harwood

It's miraculous how much easier the computer has made my sort of work.

Tags: Computer, Work  ✍ Author: Max Hastings

But I think boys ultimately are easier than girls.

Tags: Ultimately  ✍ Author: Patricia Heaton

I'm Catholic, he's Jewish, and it was just easier to elope.

Tags: Catholic, Jewish  ✍ Author: Marg Helgenberger

It is easier to exemplify values than teach them.

Tags: Teach, Values  ✍ Author: Theodore Hesburgh

How much easier is it to be generous than just.

Tags: Generous  ✍ Author: Mark Boone Junior

It's generally much easier to kill an organization than to change it substantially.

Tags: Change, Generally  ✍ Author: Johnny Kelly

I find it easier to work when it's quiet.

Tags: Quiet, Work  ✍ Author: Daniel Day-Lewis

Geniuses always think it's easier than we make it out to be.

Tags: Geniuses  ✍ Author: James Lipton

To this day, I still would choose the angst over something easier, when I really don't have to.

Tags: Angst, Choose  ✍ Author: Jane Lynch

Life doesn't get easier but it does get funnier.

Tags: Funnier, Life  ✍ Author: Katy Manning

It's so much easier to tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

Tags: Hear, Tell  ✍ Author: Phil McGraw

It is easier to square the circle than to get round a mathematician.

Tags: Circle, Round  ✍ Author: Augustus de Morgan

People like to pigeonhole you. It's easier.

Tags: Pigeonhole  ✍ Author: Viggo Mortensen

PCR made it easier to see that certain people are infected with HIV.

Tags: Hiv, Infected  ✍ Author: Kary Mullis

It's a lot easier to opine from the sidelines.

Tags: Sidelines  ✍ Author: Dee Dee Myers

I would say I have taken substantive action to make things easier for people.

Tags: Action, Taken  ✍ Author: George Osborne

The more comedic roles come easier to me though because I see myself as a silly, easy-going person.

Tags: Silly, Though  ✍ Author: Sara Paxton

It's easier to stay in shape than to fluctuate.

Tags: Shape, Stay  ✍ Author: Lou Diamond Phillips

We always think every other man's job is easier than our own. The better he does it, the easier it looks.

Tags: Job, Looks  ✍ Author: Eden Phillpotts

Rock 'n' roll is much easier if you're white.

Tags: Rock, White  ✍ Author: Kid Rock

It is easier to get into something than to get out of it.

 ✍ Author: Donald Rumsfeld

When you're young, you don't know what you don't know, so it's easier to get into that magical thing.

Tags: Magical, Young  ✍ Author: Greg Rusedski

I find that easier to accept than this all happened out of nothing.

Tags: Accept, Happened  ✍ Author: Dwight Schultz

It's a lot easier to tell the truth usually.

Tags: Tell, Truth  ✍ Author: Elliott Smith

The more restrictions you have, the easier anything is to write.

Tags: Write  ✍ Author: Stephen Sondheim

It is much easier to modify an opinion if one has not already persuasively declared it.

Tags: Modify, Opinion  ✍ Author: David H. Souter

Having a clone would make it so much easier - it would be great to send a clone to a TV station when I have to get up at 4am.

Tags: Great, Tv  ✍ Author: Rachel Stevens

All imperfection is easier to tolerate if served up in small doses.

Tags: Small, Tolerate  ✍ Author: Wislawa Szymborska

It's easier to be responsible for the decisions that you've made yourself than for the ones that other people have made for you.

Tags: Decisions, Yourself  ✍ Author: John Travolta

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