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Howard Finster's Quotes

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Born: 1916-12-02
Profession: Artist
Nation: American
Biography of Howard Finster

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Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm not here to live a normal life. I'm sent here on a mission.

Tags: Far, Here, Life

I came here as a man of visions. I was sent here as a man of visions, like a second Noah. I'm not a Noah but I'm here as a second Noah. I'm here as a red light is in the street.

Tags: Here, Light, Second

As for me, I'm just passin' through this planet.

Tags: Planet

Every time that we've ever fought, we fought to keep from bein' destroyed. We've never started a war.

Tags: Keep, Time, War

I had a call to the University of Miami where I'd run a revival in 1950.

Tags: Call, Run, University

My work begun to spread out. And calls to the universities begun to take me out of my garden, you know.

Tags: Calls, Garden, Work

You can't smear acrylics, you know, it dries too fast.

Tags: Fast, Smear

But, when I had this feeling and started painting sacred art, as I had this feeling to do, then it come to me: my problem is I'll get a lot of criticism and another problem is my work's not good enough to sell.

Tags: Art, Good, Work

I never did buy things on credit, I always paid for 'em, because I can't see much difference in paying for something and just waiting a week and pay interest on it; that looks foolish to me.

Tags: Difference, Waiting, Week

Sometimes I don't even pull my shoes off for six weeks at a time, except, you know, just to take a shower. I just take breaks between 24 hours a day, just a break now and then, it don't take me long to rest; maybe 20 to30 minutes sometime, or maybe an hour.

Tags: Between, Sometimes, Time

When I'm building my dome in my chapel, and I had a vision - I've worked on perpetual motion and I haven't never give it up yet. I still think it could be done, perpetual motion. I had a vision of a un resist able windmill.

Tags: Able, Done, Give

When I'm makin' lectures to these universities, I tell 'em I like that little building because when I run short a audience, if I can get three people in there I've got a good crowd.

Tags: Good, Short, Tell
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Howard Finster's quote #6
Howard Finster's quote #6
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