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Jake T. Austin's Quotes

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Born: 1994-12-03
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Jake T. Austin

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I have to at least get a couple weekends in where I can just be on Santa Monica beach or Malibu and just ride the waves.

Tags: Beach, Couple, Santa

I think everyone sings in the shower.

Tags: Everyone, Shower, Sings

I was born and raised in New York, so I was blessed - or some say cursed - with a strong New York accent.

Tags: Blessed, Born, Strong

I'm pretty versatile. I'm able to adapt to an environment and the way I view things based on who I'm with.

Tags: Able, Pretty, View

My best feature would have to be my hair. That sounds so cliche - but my hair is like a separate entity.

Tags: Best, Hair, Sounds

Having constant supporters and people who are always there and always giving back and knowing that they're loving what you're doing is always awesome to see.

Tags: Awesome, Giving, Knowing

I've never been innocent, but I don't think I'm a bad kid! I didn't get voted prom king. I was kind of the dancer, the performer, but I was always very athletic, too.

Tags: Bad, Innocent, Kid

It's important to have a fallback and other activities that keep you interested. I started acting when I was about nine or 10 years old. My father was a midtown firefighter so I always wanted to be a firefighter, but then acting came along. I have to have a plan B.

Tags: Acting, Father, Old

'The Glass Menagerie' by Tennessee Williams is a great play. I had to read it for school when I was younger, but I started writing scripts after that. That's what got me into writing.

Tags: Great, School, Writing

With voice over work, you need to convey as much emotion as you can without making any physical movements, so it's hard. You've got to visualize everything.

Tags: Hard, Making, Work
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