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Jessica Pare's Quotes

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Born: 1980-12-05
Profession: Actress
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Jessica Pare

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I didn't want to have braces when I was a kid and I'm pretty sure my dad didn't want to pay for them.

Tags: Dad, Pretty, Sure

And, of course, all of my friends and family are so excited because they feel like Montreal is being represented on Mad Men.

Tags: Family, Friends, Men

I did play Jesus in 'Godspell,' in high school, because I guess I'm a nerd.

Tags: High, Jesus, School

I drive past the Mad Men billboard every day and I can't believe I'm on that show.

Tags: Mad, Men, Past

I know that I'm a decent actor, but it's another thing to be in a scene with Jon Hamm and hold your own.

Tags: Actor, Another, Hold

I like to sing around the bonfire, in my car and in the shower.

Tags: Car, Shower, Sing

I'm thinking of putting together an all-star band. I definitely have a bit of a rock fantasy.

Tags: Rock, Thinking, Together

One of my most exciting Saturday nights was just me and a bottle of wine and a crochet book.

Tags: Book, Saturday, Wine

At the time I just was like, I can't believe I am on the show, and the first thing I have to do is an entire song and dance routine for the whole cast of 'Mad Men.'

Tags: Dance, Men, Time

I have an enormous family because I'm from Montreal and my family's Catholic, so my dad has eight siblings and they all have kids and we all grew up in the same property on weekends and summers.

Tags: Dad, Family, Kids

I went through a whole phase when I was younger of being obsessed with Tolstoy and Kafka and Camus, all those really, beautiful, dark depressing books.

Tags: Beautiful, Dark, Whole

How do you tell your mother that you feel you're getting... old? If I'm... old, then what is she?

Tags: Mother, Old, Tell

Laughter made you live better and longer.

Tags: Laughter, Longer

She knew what all smart women knew: Laughter made you live better and longer.

Tags: Laughter, Smart, Women

Volleyball is a Jewish sport. It's fun, and nobody can get hurt.

Tags: Fun, Hurt, Nobody

When friends ask for a second cup they are open to conversation.

Tags: Ask, Friends, Second
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