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John Bercow's Quotes

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Born: 1963-01-19
Profession: Politician
Nation: British
Biography of John Bercow

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I do strongly believe myself that members of the government who sit in the House of Lords should be accountable to the elected House because otherwise there is a democratic deficit, and that is wrong.

Tags: Government, House, Wrong

I don't think that people are disinterested or uninterested in politics. I think very often they are disengaged from the formal political process. To some extent they are suspicious or even despairing of formal politics as a means to give expression and effect to what they want.

Tags: Give, Political, Politics

I said that if I hadn't been a politician, I'd have liked to be a barrister, or an academic. My beloved wife said: 'You'd be a very good barrister and a hopeless academic.' I said 'Why?' She said: 'Because you're not an original thinker.'

Tags: Good, Why, Wife

I think the state opening of Parliament is an incredibly important occasion, and broadly speaking, the way in which it's done is an invaluable tradition.

Tags: Done, Speaking, State

I was proud to be a Tory Member of Parliament for twelve years, proud to represent Buckingham as a Tory, proud to have voted with my party 99% of the time as the record shows.

Tags: Party, Proud, Time

Possibly the fact that I was physically quite feeble, a relatively short little fellow, attracted me to that idea of a very authoritative and aggressive version of Conservative politics.

Tags: Fact, Politics, Short

There is no denying or hiding the fact that over the years I moved from well on the right of the Conservative Party, much much more to its left, and therefore to the centre of the poltical spectrum.

Tags: Fact, Left, Party

A legislature cannot be effective while suffering from public scorn.

Tags: Cannot, Suffering, While

Even youngish men can acquire wisdom as time goes by.

Tags: Men, Time, Wisdom

Fairness is not about statistical equality.

Tags: Equality, Fairness

For far too long the House of Commons has been run as little more than a private club by and for gentleman amateurs.

Tags: Far, Gentleman, House

I don't want to crawl over the entrails of past disputes.

Tags: Crawl, Disputes, Past

I never aspired to be Speaker simply so I could say, 'I am the Speaker of the House of Commons,' and tell my children that.

Tags: Children, House, Tell

I pride myself on being courteous to people, and trying to fashion good relations.

Tags: Fashion, Good, Trying

I think the record shows that as Speaker, I have taken the lead in cleaning up politics.

Tags: Cleaning, Politics, Taken

I'm not in the business of warning people.

Tags: Business, Warning

I'm not psychic. I cannot know what is in the mind of particular public figures.

Tags: Cannot, Mind, Public

I'm supremely uninterested as to what is written in many of the newspapers.

Tags: Newspapers, Written

I've never been much given to little social cliques.

Tags: Cliques, Social

If someone is being very cheeky, it can be quite fun to deal with that situation.

Tags: Fun, Situation, Someone

If you asked me if I'd rather be Speaker or a very senior minister, I'd say Speaker.

Tags: Asked, Rather, Senior

It is quite wrong for party conferences to be used as an excuse for the Commons not to sit. Conferences could be held at weekends.

Tags: Quite, Used, Wrong

It's a cowardly form of politics to use my spouse to beat me.

Tags: Beat, Cowardly, Politics
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Lying to a committee is a very grave abuse, and there ought to be a clear punishment.

Tags: Abuse, Clear, Lying

One consistent thing in an otherwise inconsistent career is that I've always been passionate about parliament.

Tags: Career, Consistent, Passionate

Sally is my wife, but not my chattel or my property.

Tags: Property, Sally, Wife

The Conservatives must realise that being sceptical is different from being phobic in what is an interdependent world.

Tags: Phobic, Realise, Sceptical

The prime minister's job is to captain his team, his party and his government.

Tags: Government, Job, Team

There are people who are just very, very sniffy and snobby and have always sort of looked down their noses at me.

Tags: Looked, Noses, Snobby

There's no point in worrying about things you can't influence.

Tags: Influence, Point, Worrying

When I first started out in politics I was, what you might describe as, a hard right Conservative.

Tags: Hard, Might, Politics

I am seeking every day to restore faith in Parliament - to ensure we have a House of Commons which is representative, effective and reconnected to the people we serve.

Tags: Faith, House, Serve
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