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Johnny Damon's Quotes

Johnny Damon profile photo

Born: 1973-11-05
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Johnny Damon

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I'm gaining weight the right way: I'm drinking beer.

Tags: Beer, Drinking, Weight

I know who I am. And I know I'm a good person.

Tags: Good

I fell in love with Boston, so hopefully, I'll be here for a long time.

Tags: Here, Love, Time

People have the right to say what they want, but as long as I can go to bed at night and look myself in the mirror, I'll be all right.

Tags: Bed, Mirror, Night

You know, a lot of people say they didn't want to die until the Red Sox won the World Series. Well, there could be a lot of busy ambulances tomorrow.

Tags: Busy, Die, Tomorrow

At least, in this situation, I know my chances of coming back could be slim because of the young talent the Yankees do have.

Tags: Situation, Talent, Young

But I dig myself, and especially if my wife digs me, I dig myself more.

Tags: Dig, Digs, Wife

I don't understand some people, using biblical terms to criticize me when this is just a game.

Tags: Criticize, Game, Understand

I feel like I've been a Yankee my whole life.

Tags: Life, Whole, Yankee

I just go out and play.

Tags: Free, Great, Time

New York came after me aggressively and that's what sealed the deal.

Tags: After, Deal, York

There's not too many teams that can succeed on and off the field together.

Tags: Off, Succeed, Together

What we really need is for me to get hot and stay hot. When I go, this team really takes off.

Tags: Off, Takes, Team

It's getting better and better. You know, guys are feeling more comfortable and they are not afraid to speak up and be a leader. I mean, our team, we have 25 players, we have about 25 leaders, too. So whatever someone says, people listen.

Tags: Feeling, Mean, Someone

We all pulled together at the right time, unfortunately, we were down 3-0 to the Yankees when we decided to do it, but we did it. And we shocked the world.

Tags: Decided, Time, Together

We're just being ourselves and having fun playing baseball. The biggest thing is when people look at our team, they can see that we're having a lot of fun.

Tags: Baseball, Fun, Team

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