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Jon Bon Jovi's Quotes

Jon Bon Jovi profile photo

Born: 1962-03-02
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Jon Bon Jovi

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I went to Catholic school in and out. I'm what you call a recovering Catholic. I have many major issues with the church.

Tags: Call, Church, School

I'd crawl over broken glass for Elle MacPherson or Cindy Crawford.

Tags: Broken, Crawl, Glass

I'm a football guy. Baseball, I enjoy it at playoff time.

Tags: Baseball, Football, Time

I'm not a big disco guy.

Tags: Big, Disco, Guy

My health and my family are the core of my being.

Tags: Core, Family, Health

The Rolling Stones set the bar to where I look to as a band. But I don't envision myself touring in the way they do. My knees won't hold out.

Tags: Band, Hold, Won

There's not a platinum record hanging in my house anywhere. It doesn't exist here. I'm over it. They're all in the garage, wrapped up in bubblewrap.

Tags: Exist, Here, House

We've been gone five years and the best they could come up with was boy bands?

Tags: Best, Five, Gone

You're never going to see the fat Elvis in me. People I admired like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and John Belushi all died at 27. I've got jeans older than that.

Tags: Died, Fat, Older

I went to a radio station on Long Island in 1982, and thank goodness for me, it was so new that there was no receptionist. So the DJ opened up his booth, and took my tape and listened to it and thought it was a hit song.

Tags: Song, Thought, Took

New Jersey shaped who and what I am. Growing up in Jersey gave you all the advantages of New York, but you were in its shadow. Anyone who's come from here will tell you that same story.

Tags: Here, Story, Tell

What drew me to politics in the first place was the fact that I wanted to have a place to take a stand and use my voice to express what I believed in. But I've no longer got any political aspirations. I feel that as a politician, fifty per cent of people would hate you before you even left the house.

Tags: Hate, Political, Politics

You just stay the course, and do what it is that you do, and grow while you're doing it. Eventually it will either come full circle, or at least you'll go to bed at night happy.

Tags: Happy, Night, While

Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you.

Tags: Change, Everyday, Happen

Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don't, who will?

Tags: Dreams, Love, Yourself

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.

Tags: Getting, Success, Times

Don't get too comfortable with who you are at any given time - you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.

Tags: Become, May, Time

Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.

Tags: Life, Matter, Passion

Women rule the world. It's not really worth fighting because they know what they're doing. Ask Napoleon. Ask Adam. Ask Richard Burton or Richie Sambora. Many a man has crumbled.

Tags: Fighting, Women, Worth

Map out your future - but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip.

Tags: Future, Road, Worth

Piano playing is a dying art. I love the fact that I can be one guy with one instrument evoking an emotional and musical experience.

Tags: Art, Experience, Love

Tonight I'll dust myself off, tonight I'll suck my gut in, I'll face the night and I'll pretend I got something to believe in.

Tags: Face, Night, Off

The only thing I like more than my wife is my money, and I'm not about to lose that to her and her lawyers, that's for damn sure.

Tags: Her, Money, Wife
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This is the way I look at sex scenes: I have basically been doing them for a living for years. Trying to seduce an audience is the basis of rock 'n roll, and if I may say so, I'm pretty good at it.

Tags: Good, Rock, Sex

I don't work well outside the lines; my report card once read, 'doesn't play well with others.'

Tags: Once, Others, Work

I always think I'm the Tom Cruise of music - a lot of success and fans, but no critics, darling.

Tags: Fans, Music, Success

I like progress but I hate change.

Tags: Change, Hate, Progress

Don't waste your time away thinkin' 'bout yesterday's blues.

Tags: Away, Blues, Time

If people have to tell you how successful they are, they really aren't that successful.

Tags: Successful, Tell

If you wanted to torture me, you'd tie me down and force me to watch our first five videos.

Tags: Five, Force, Wanted

I was just another long-haired teenage kid with visions of grandeur, strumming a tennis racket or a broom in front of his bedroom mirror.

Tags: Another, Kid, Mirror

There's a vintage which comes with age and experience.

Tags: Age, Experience, Vintage

You know these love letters mix with whisky, just don't light a match when you kiss me.

Tags: Kiss, Light, Love

For years, I've had a hankering for the portrait of Benjamin Franklin by Joseph Duplessis. Franklin is credited with so many inventions: the postal system, lightning rods, the constitution. He was a rock star before there was such a thing.

Tags: Rock, Star, System

We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on.

Tags: Business, Music, Past

Women have always ruled my life, be it my mother, my wife, my assistant, or my daughter, so I don't really fight with them. I relinquished control years ago.

Tags: Life, Mother, Women

Guys will take one pair of jeans, five T-shirts and three pair of socks and that'll get you by for 10 weeks.

Tags: Five, Guys, Three

I want to own an NFL franchise. I understand the business of football.

Tags: Business, Football, Understand

When I learn martial arts, my master will have me try a punch for a week and he will keep saying, 'No, you don't have it. No, that's not right.' When he finally says, 'Yes, you did it,' it's a wonderful moment. You worked on it. You got it.

Tags: Moment, Saying, Try

Why have a model on the front of your magazine when you can have Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Hilary Swank? Because those girls are intelligent and talented, people are interested.

Tags: Front, Interested, Why

During the day I force myself to at least eat some salads rather than rubbish, and a steak in the evening. In fact, I eat to basically satisfy my hunger. I hardly have the time to appreciate a meal, and I'm everything, but a gourmet.

Tags: Evening, Rather, Time

It's going to seem idiotic to say this, but I think that at a given moment we all need a place to ourselves where we can refuge ourselves and cut ourselves off from the world.

Tags: Moment, Off, Place

I feel like movie stars don't have many friends at all. They have acquaintances.

Tags: Friends, Movie, Stars

I am a strong Ukrainian girl, that is why I work a lot.

Tags: Girl, Strong, Work

People say that I'm always late, but that's a myth.

Tags: Late, Myth

I'm not really easy to live with! There needs to be unlimited patience and unconditional love. Men I've known before loved my independent spirit and were proud of my success, to the point that they'd become jealous of the time I devote to my career.

Tags: Love, Success, Time

Before, being a model, it was just a job, and I was making fun of it. But today, I take my career more seriously.

Tags: Fun, Job, Today

From childhood my mother had me examining Robert Mapplethorpe's style and Egon Schiele's framing - that's what modelling is about.

Tags: Childhood, Mother, Style

From now on, I approach the cinema as a business woman.

Tags: Approach, Business, Woman

I intend to be in more action movies because, apart from Angelina Jolie, no other actress stands out in this genre.

Tags: Action, Movies, Stands

I just want to make one really good movie a year. And when I die, to know I was honest as an artist.

Tags: Die, Good, Honest

I love making independent movies, and that's pretty much what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my years.

Tags: Love, Movies, Pretty

I really only have a few friends.

Tags: Few, Friends

I think that's one of the only reasons God created celebrities. To help those who can't help themselves.

Tags: God, Help, Themselves

I thought that being popular in school was just so pathetic. I knew I had a future over and beyond the horizon of that school.

Tags: Future, School, Thought

Lots of pretty faces came and went over the years, but some stuck around and I happen to be one of them.

Tags: Happen, Lots, Pretty

Modelling killed me.

Tags: Modelling

My regular life today is reading books, making dolls houses, sewing dolls with my daughter and barbequing.

Tags: Life, Making, Today

Rather than go to the gym, I would prefer to do martial arts because the time goes by quicker.

Tags: Goes, Rather, Time

Scratch a Russian, and you'll find a peasant.

Tags: Peasant, Russian, Scratch

At the age of 16 I was already dreaming of having a baby because I felt myself to be an adult, but my mum forbid it. Right now, I feel like a teenager and I want to have fun for one or two more years before starting a family.

Tags: Age, Family, Teen

Before, being a model, it was just a job, and I was making fun of it. But today, I take my career more seriously. The fact that a reader may buy an Armani item because she'd seen it on me in a magazine is very important to me. So much so that I intend to launch my own label.

Tags: Fun, Job, Today

From now on, I approach the cinema as a business woman. I intend to be in more action movies because, apart from Angelina Jolie, no other actress stands out in this genre.

Tags: Business, Movies, Woman

My poor mum had a lot of problems with me around that time. I was young but I'd been working for years, so if she asked me to clean my room I'd say, 'You can't tell me what to do after I've worked a 12-hour day.' It gave me a power that no one that age should have.

Tags: Age, Power, Time

There is all this controversy that women and girls are too skinny or too overweight. I say to just do martial arts and everything will be okay. You will tone up your body and find a confidence you can't find just sitting around watching TV and hanging out with friends.

Tags: Confidence, Friends, Women
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