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Juno Temple's Quotes

Juno Temple profile photo

Born: 1989-07-21
Profession: Actress
Nation: English
Biography of Juno Temple

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It's all about the director for me; we have to click. It's a trust thing. I'll say I'm ready to let down my walls. I'll cry for you as long as you need. But you're going to have to hug me afterwards.

Tags: Cry, Ready, Trust

For a woman, body image is always a palpable thing. Weirdly, for me, the only time I don't care is when I'm in character.

Tags: Care, Character, Time

I had this wild imagination. I was never me. All my childhood photos, I'm in fancy dress, playing a Russian refuge or Marvelous Mad Madam Mim.

Tags: Childhood, Mad, Playing

I just want to work forever. I absolutely love what I'm doing. I learn all the time from all these amazing artists.

Tags: Love, Time, Work

I think it's so exciting to try anything you possibly can.

Tags: Exciting, Possibly, Try

I'm a private person; I stick to my neighbourhood and eat in my little restaurants.

Tags: Eat, Private, Stick

I've been involved with some huge studio projects that have been bloody awesome. It all starts with a great script, doesn't it?

Tags: Awesome, Great, Involved

If people want to criticize a performance, that I understand. I think that's important.

Tags: Criticize, Understand

On an independent film, you really learn about pace. You have so little time to do things, that you really have to know your scenes.

Tags: Film, Learn, Time

That's the great thing about the 'Sin City' movies. Each little slot is incredibly meaningful, and each character has their own moment.

Tags: Character, Great, Movies

The size of a studio film lets you see technology in a way that you wouldn't on an independent film, like the gadgets and the angles and all that.

Tags: Film, Studio, Technology

What's exciting about watching a movie, when it's finished, is you sometimes you don't recognize yourself, and that's when I'm really proud.

Tags: Proud, Sometimes, Yourself

When I go home to England, my friends all make fun of me for sounding American.

Tags: Friends, Fun, Home

You know, I do projects that I really care about. I hope I'll stand by that until the day I die!

Tags: Care, Die, Hope

But, I love making independent films. I love it! You create a family, and you sweat, you bleed, you cry, you shout, you laugh and you hug. It's such an extraordinary experience, making independent films.

Tags: Experience, Family, Love

But, I think it's great to be able to work with established directors, and then also first-timers. I feel like you learn from both of them, but then you can go and share your knowledge with each of them. That's really fantastic!

Tags: Great, Knowledge, Work

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the hardest working people I have ever encountered and someone that so loves what he's doing and so eager to learn and is so brilliant at what he does.

Tags: Learn, Someone, Working

I find standard American the hardest. It really fits in a different place in your mouth. Southern, I find the easiest. If you talk to a dialect coach and you get sort of technical, where an English person keeps their voice in their throat, a Southern person does the same, and it's got the same sort of music to talking.

Tags: Music, Place, Talk

I just did a part in 'Sin City 2.' I got to do a scene with Ray Liotta. Amazing man, extraordinary gentleman who was just so kind to me... I'm so excited about that; I think it's gonna be very cool.

Tags: Amazing, Cool, Gentleman

I never want to sell my soul for something I don't believe in. Because guess what? Somebody somewhere in the world would have believed in that part and should be playing it - who am I to not allow that person that opportunity?

Tags: Playing, Somebody, Soul

I was brought up in a very open, rural countryside in the middle of nowhere. There were no cell phones. If your lights went out, you were lit by candlelight for a good four days before they can get to you. And so, my imagination was crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Days, Good

I'm so excited to see 'Horns' because it's so many different genres in one film. It's a sci-fi, it's a love story, it's a horror movie, it's a fairy tale.

Tags: Film, Love, Story

There will always be ways to pay my rent, whether I wind up having to be a waitress on the side or whatever it is, but I think it's so important for me to do things that I'm passionate about.

Tags: Whatever, Whether, Wind

There's such an array of brilliant roles for young women. You read all these amazing young women going through different stages in their life - different stages, different fascinations, different textualities, different friendships.

Tags: Amazing, Life, Women

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