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Kali Hawk's Quotes

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Born: 1986-10-04
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Kali Hawk

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A lot of times people hide their quirks when they're first getting to know a person.

Tags: Getting, Hide, Times

I guess I'm lucky that I've been able to play a wide range of parts and a wide range of types of productions - I haven't felt much typecasting.

Tags: Able, Felt, Lucky

I guess every character has a little bit of the actor - I guess for every character you play, the actor has to allow a little bit of their own character to show through.

Tags: Actor, Character, Show

I think that's what the most fascinating part of getting to know someone is - to see how they do things, and how their way of doing things is different from your way of doing things, and the fun of trying to do it their way and to see what value there is in looking at things from their perspective.

Tags: Fun, Someone, Trying

Training is vital. You need to know the technical aspects of acting, just in case someone hands you a monologue and simply says, 'Cry here and laugh here.' You have to be able to make sense of it all.

Tags: Laugh, Someone, Training
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Kali Hawk's quote #2
Kali Hawk's quote #2
Kali Hawk's quote #2
Kali Hawk's quote #2
Kali Hawk's quote #2
Kali Hawk's quote #2
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