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Laura Prepon's Quotes

Laura Prepon profile photo

Born: 1980-03-07
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Laura Prepon

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I love being a redhead. It's a rare thing, so I think there's a bond between redheads.

Tags: Between, Love, Rare

Free love sounds great.

Tags: Free, Great, Love

I used to wear boxers and a tank top, but now I sleep in the nude. It's kind of weird, because I used to have to wear something to bed, whether it was a tank top or whatever. And now if I have any clothes at all on, it's really hard to get to sleep.

Tags: Hard, Sleep, Whatever

And my mouth is not a sewer, although some people may think it is.

Tags: May, Mouth, Sewer

But now that I'm a blonde, guys are so blatant about coming on to me.

Tags: Blonde, Coming, Guys

Even in real life, I'd rather hang out with guys.

Tags: Life, Rather, Real

I am so like Donna it's funny. And most of my friends are guys too.

Tags: Friends, Funny, Guys

I can't stand being around anal people, especially anal people with big egos.

Tags: Big, Egos, Stand

I don't know how people recognize me.

Tags: Recognize

I love entertaining and doing Martha Stewart stuff.

Tags: Love, Martha, Stuff

I'm not a sun person.

Tags: Sun

I'm the tomboy so I got to be a little butch.

Tags: Butch, Tomboy

My vintage Levi's are my favorite on the show, 'cause they really fit.

Tags: Cause, Favorite, Show

Some of the stuff that Wilmer wears is bad. And Debra Jo.

Tags: Bad, Stuff, Wears

There's nothing you could say that would shock me.

Tags: Shock

You can always turn a bad kisser into a good one.

Tags: Bad, Good, Turn

But, I swear, they're turning Donna into Annie Hall this season. More ties. More suits. But they're also keeping her really motivated, ya know? Like, wanting to be a rock journalist. Wanting to be the first woman president.

Tags: Her, Rock, Woman

I don't want to do anything like Can't Hardly Wait, I don't want to do anything like Scream. I saw all those movies, and they were good, but they're just not what I want to do.

Tags: Good, Movies, Wait

I never think of myself as any kind of sex symbol, but I get letters from all over, all sorts. It's really cool. I get a lot from inmates, which is kind of scary. But the best was the guy who wanted to send me a plane ticket to fly me to his prom.

Tags: Best, Cool, Sex

The fact that anyone would find me sexy is very, very flattering, but ridiculous. I so don't believe it. But I'm flattered. Truth is, I don't lift a finger to look sexy. Ever.

Tags: Fact, Sexy, Truth

They have to be able to spark my interest so I want to pursue it, and they have to have an awesome personality, really laid-back. All those things are sexy to me.

Tags: Able, Awesome, Sexy
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