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Libyan Quotes

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At a time of such hope and optimism in the Middle East, we cannot let the Libyan government violate every principle of international law and human rights with impunity.

Tags: Government, Hope, Time  ✍ Author: William Hague

The Libyan program recently discovered was far more extensive than was assessed prior to that.

Tags: Discovered, Far, Program  ✍ Author: Alan Kay

For more than four decades, the Libyan people have been ruled by a tyrant - Moammar Gaddafi. He has denied his people freedom, exploited their wealth, murdered opponents at home and abroad, and terrorized innocent people around the world - including Americans who were killed by Libyan agents.

Tags: Freedom, Home, Wealth  ✍ Author: Barack Obama

Had the United States not acted in Iraq, Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi would likely not have declared his weapons programs, submitted to international inspections and voluntarily dismantled its programs.

Tags: Iraq, Leader, United  ✍ Author: Jim Gerlach

Libyans have to work together for a new Libya. They should keep in place the sinews of security.

Tags: Place, Together, Work  ✍ Author: Andrew Mitchell

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