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Lloyd Alexander's Quotes

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Born: 1924-01-30
Profession: Writer
Nation: American
Biography of Lloyd Alexander

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My concern is how we learn to be genuine human beings.

Tags: Genuine, Human, Learn

All that writers can do is keep trying to say what is deepest in their hearts.

Tags: Keep, Trying, Writers

After I saved some money, I quit work and went to a local college.

Tags: After, Money, Work

After seven years of writing - and working many jobs to support my family - I finally got published.

Tags: After, Family, Writing

Eventually, I was sent to Wales and Germany, and after the war, to Paris.

Tags: After, Paris, War

I decided that adventure was the best way to learn about writing.

Tags: Best, Learn, Writing

I loved all the world's mythologies.

Tags: Loved

If writers learn more from their books than do readers, perhaps I may have begun to learn.

Tags: Books, Learn, May

It was 1943. The U.S. had already entered World War II, so I decided to join the army.

Tags: Army, Decided, War

King Arthur was one of my heroes - I played with a trash can lid for a knightly shield and my uncle's cane for the sword Excalibur.

Tags: Heroes, King, Played

Most of my books have been written in the form of fantasy.

Tags: Books, Fantasy, Written

My family pleaded with me to forget literature and do something sensible, such as find some sort of useful work.

Tags: Family, Forget, Work

My parents were horrified when I told them I wanted to be an author.

Tags: Author, Parents, Wanted

Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, and so many others were my dearest friends and greatest teachers.

Tags: Friends, Greatest, Others

There's this huge number of desperate people.

Tags: Desperate, Huge, Number

We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.

Tags: Learn, Learning, Question

Using the device of an imaginary world allows me in some strange way to go to the central issues - it's one of many ways to express feelings about real people, about real human relationships.

Tags: Feelings, Human, Real

When I was discharged, I attended the University of Paris and met a beautiful Parisian girl, Janine. We soon married and eventually returned to the States.

Tags: Beautiful, Girl, Married
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