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Mackenzie Astin's Quotes

Mackenzie Astin profile photo

Born: 1973-05-12
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Mackenzie Astin

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And it is easy to believe you are not good enough if you listen to everybody else.

Tags: Else, Enough, Good

Guns are evil! And very little good comes from the availability of a bullet designed to kill human beings!

Tags: Evil, Good, Human

Have you noticed how most directors are either bald or grey-haired?

Tags: Bald, Directors, Either

I haven't gone to college yet and I intend to in a few years.

Tags: College, Few, Gone

I started at the age of 8 and have been lucky to be still working.

Tags: Age, Started, Working

I technically have two last names, which is a lot of fun when you're making airline reservations.

Tags: Fun, Last, Making

I think I would have a better time writing films rather than directing.

Tags: Rather, Time, Writing

I used to get some flack from my agents because I wouldn't even audition for parts where the hero uses violent force to be a hero.

Tags: Force, Hero, Used

If I couldn't broadcast baseball games, I think I would make a good impression on people.

Tags: Baseball, Games, Good

It is important to make the fans that support me feel supported.

Tags: Fans, Support, Supported

There are a couple of teachers I have had without whose influence I would not be as happy with who I am.

Tags: Happy, Influence, Whose

You never get every job you want.

Tags: Job

I still have not given up the idea of becoming a journalist, but at 17 I decided to follow my heart and stay in Los Angeles with my girlfriend as opposed to going to Johns Hopkins.

Tags: Girlfriend, Heart, Idea

It is tough to say what has influenced me the most because I know that Mozart makes me think better, but you cannot beat Dave Matthews for feeling good!

Tags: Cannot, Feeling, Good

There is a healthy fraternal rivalry, but nothing serious and we both have been looking for a project to do together. I guess he may direct me in a project some day.

Tags: May, Serious, Together

When I am working it is up early and coffee and 15 hours of being on the set. When I am not working, it is up late and coffee, golf or softball and hopefully a ball game on the television.

Tags: Coffee, Game, Working

When I was eight years old I went to visit my brother who was working on a movie of the week with my mother and I saw how much fun he was having and I decided I wanted to try it too.

Tags: Fun, Mother, Try
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