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Mark Viduka's Quotes

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Born: 1975-10-09
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Australian
Biography of Mark Viduka

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I have this complex. I don't like too much exposure. I don't know why it is. Maybe it's bred in me, because my dad always told me to be humble and don't think you're too good.

Tags: Dad, Good, Humble

I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league.

Tags: Game, Lost, Won

For most of my career I've been very lucky to have avoided major injuries.

Tags: Career, Injuries, Lucky

I am a Libra so I have to balance things.

Tags: Balance

Leading my country out at the World Cup was something I'll never forget.

Tags: Country, Forget, Leading

All my life my priority was football, football, football. I was just fully focused on that and when my kids were born that focus changed gradually. I had something in my life that changed my perspective. You experience something that is more important than win, lose or draw.

Tags: Experience, Focus, Life

I don't really like being emotional. Public displays of emotion, I don't really do that sort of stuff. I don't know why. I would like to be the type that doesn't worry about that.

Tags: Emotional, Why, Worry

I had plenty of offers to do sponsorships and TV commercials, but it's just not in me. I would love to get that out of me, but I just don't feel comfortable with it.

Tags: Love, Offers, Tv

Don't you know, priests, why our sermons do not touch the people's heart? Because we do not preach to the eyes, only to the ears.

Tags: Eyes, Heart, Why
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