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Martha Wainwright's Quotes

Martha Wainwright profile photo

Born: 1976-05-08
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Martha Wainwright

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Being a woman in music and having kids, it's very hard to do both without neglecting one a bit.

Tags: Hard, Music, Woman

I don't like talking about music.

Tags: Music, Talking

I have a tendency to run after people who are completely unattainable and uninterested and make a complete fool of myself.

Tags: After, Fool, Run

I might not be beautiful, but I'm very interesting!

Tags: Beautiful, Might

I think my mother was always worried about me when she was alive.

Tags: Alive, Mother, She

I was kind of a misfit, and when my mother died, I had to become an adult, something that I never thought I would ever be.

Tags: Become, Mother, Thought

I'm not very prolific. I'm not good at sitting down as an artist and saying 'Okay, I need to put in my four hours today.'

Tags: Good, Saying, Today

I'm trying to solidify a long-term career, because I have no other skills and no other abilities.

Tags: Career, Skills, Trying

I've always had a tendency to push the envelope as far as it can go without hurting someone's feelings.

Tags: Feelings, Hurting, Someone

I've learnt to hide my tears on stage. They make people uncomfortable.

Tags: Hide, Stage, Tears

I've spent the first part of my life in the shadow of my family. I'm not going to live in the shadow of my husband.

Tags: Family, Husband, Life

You have to be willing to give a lot to be in a relationship with me because a lot of the time it's about me.

Tags: Give, Time, Willing

I wanted to be heard myself, which is hard in a household of people who were very showy. It forced me to find myself and define a personality and a way of being different, and that's a thing that's going to help me to survive in a world of many people playing the guitar.

Tags: Guitar, Hard, Help

I was not that pretty a girl and I was never pursued as a teenager or young woman, so I was used to having no shame and trying to get people to love me.

Tags: Girl, Love, Woman

I'm in hotel rooms night after night, playing a lot of the same venues as my dad and carrying the guitar that used to be his. We're the same person. I don't know if he realises how much of a legacy he has left to his children.

Tags: Children, Dad, Night

I've always been given respect because I'm kind of mannish, and I'm not a great beauty. I've never played the coquette card because I'm no good at it.

Tags: Beauty, Good, Great

My childhood definitely revolved around my relationship with my brother. I wanted to be different. I wanted to find my way of being as intriguing and interesting as he was.

Tags: Brother, Childhood, Wanted

You know, people always ask me how I describe my music. First of all I tell them that's their job and then that also one day I hope to have things referred to as Martha Wainwright -esque.

Tags: Hope, Job, Music

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