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Martin Buber's Quotes

Martin Buber profile photo

Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Philosopher
Nation: German
Biography of Martin Buber

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Solitude is the place of purification.

Tags: Place, Solitude

There are three principles in a man's being and life, the principle of thought, the principle of speech, and the principle of action. The origin of all conflict between me and my fellow-men is that I do not say what I mean and I don't do what I say.

Tags: Life, Mean, Thought

A person cannot approach the divine by reaching beyond the human. To become human, is what this individual person, has been created for.

Tags: Become, Cannot, Human

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Tags: Secret, Traveler, Unaware

The world is not comprehensible, but it is embraceable: through the embracing of one of its beings.

Tags: Beings, Embracing

I do, indeed, close my door at times and surrender myself to a book, but only because I can open the door again and see a human face looking at me.

Tags: Again, Book, Human

Play is the exultation of the possible.

Tags: Possible

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

Tags: Eyes, Great, Power

Through the Thou a person becomes I.

Tags: Becomes, Thou

To be old can be glorious if one has not unlearned how to begin.

Tags: Begin, Glorious, Old

God wants man to fulfill his commands as a human being and with the quality peculiar to human beings.

Tags: God, Human, Quality

The law is not thrust upon man; it rests deep within him, to waken when the call comes.

Tags: Deep, Him, Law

For sin is just this, what man cannot by its very nature do with his whole being; it is possible to silence the conflict in the soul, but it is not possible to uproot it.

Tags: Nature, Silence, Soul

I am alone, some people help me, but, basically, I can do what I want.

Tags: Alone, Basically, Help

Often you need to take some risk, but it must be a realistic risk, you can't take a crazy risk.

Tags: Crazy, Often, Risk

The pole vault is a very complicated event, there are many things involved.

Tags: Event, Involved, Pole

You need to work very hard, you have to spend a lot of time practicing your sport - six to seven hours daily.

Tags: Daily, Time, Work

The strategy of my coach and me was that we looked at pictures of all the best pole vaulters from around the world, and we took the best parts from them, and we created a person that had never existed. We then started to work toward being such a person.

Tags: Best, Started, Work

Even now I want to keep my amateur spirit, to spend my time, to be in the sport with all my heart.

Tags: Heart, Keep, Time

I began with track and field because this is what I know.

Tags: Began, Field, Track
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I decided to create a sports club during the Soviet times. It was my dream.

Tags: Dream, Sports, Times

I have bought pole vault equipment, the landing areas, posts, which costs a lot of money. We pay for coaches.

Tags: Costs, Money, Pay

I think that focusing on the money, on the business, is not enough.

Tags: Business, Enough, Money

I think that, generally, you need to live with your sport 24 hours a day.

Tags: Generally, Hours

My main idea was to create a sports facility for the basics. This is why I established the club.

Tags: Idea, Sports, Why

My policy was just to give good things for sports in my region.

Tags: Give, Good, Sports

Of course, the psychological part, the tactics, is very important.

Tags: Tactics

People come from around the world and can understand each other without even speaking the same languages!

Tags: Languages, Speaking, Understand

Sports life is very short.

Tags: Life, Short, Sports

The Olympics are always a special competition, it is very difficult to predict what will happen.

Tags: Difficult, Happen, Special

Today I have 35 people who work in the club and associated businesses.

Tags: Club, Today, Work

What is nice about this sport is that I am responsible for most everything.

Tags: Nice

And, of course, method is very important as is a high-quality specialist (trainer) working with you to keep you going in the right direction for your improvement and to help create results.

Tags: Help, Keep, Working

I have spoken with many former athletes, and they tell me the best time they had was in sports. I listen to them and use their experience in my career.

Tags: Best, Experience, Time

We started with that, basically to help kids, and then we created a pole vault school, which is part of the club and exists to this day. The club and school exist.

Tags: Help, Kids, School
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