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Max von Sydow's Quotes

Max von Sydow profile photo

Born: 1929-04-10
Profession: Actor
Nation: Swedish
Biography of Max von Sydow

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It's important to me to work in my own language now and then. I love English, but you can never learn to master a foreign language if you're not brought up with it.

Tags: Learn, Love, Work

Movies give me an opportunity to go places. I'm not only a Swede but an American, not just a man of my time, but I've been living 2,000 years ago-and not just in a new country, America, but in the Holy Land, too.

Tags: Give, Movies, Time

Playing Christ, I began to feel shut away from the world. A newspaper became one of my biggest luxuries. I noticed that some of my close friends began treating me with reverence.

Tags: Away, Friends, Playing

Playing the role of Christ was like being in a prison. It was the hardest part I've ever had to play in my life. I couldn't smoke or drink in public. I couldn't.

Tags: Life, Playing, Public

The idea of working with Steven Spielberg was very attractive. He's such a master. He knows the language of the camera and of filmmaking, which gives him a great freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Great, Him

The most difficult part of playing Christ was that I had to keep up the image around the clock. As soon as the picture finished, I returned home to Sweden and tried to find my old self. It took six months to get back to normal.

Tags: Home, Old, Self

The studio rented a house for my wife in Los Angeles under a phony name to keep reporters away. Whenever I wanted to visit her and my children, I would have to sneak in the back door after dark.

Tags: Children, Dark, Wife

If Jesus came back today, and saw what was going on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up.

Tags: Jesus, Stop, Today

I don't believe in devils. Indifference and misunderstandings can create evil situations. Most of the time, people who appear to be evil are really victims of evil deeds.

Tags: Create, Evil, Time

I'm getting too old to play some parts, but I'm still greedy.

Tags: Getting, Greedy, Old

All my life I've been looking for diversity.

Tags: Diversity, Life, Looking

A vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic.

Tags: Magic, Special, Vacation

Bergman has a very special eye for people. His background taught him to listen and to feel.

Tags: Him, Listen, Special

Filming is repetition and many takes.

Tags: Filming, Repetition, Takes

I accept a role only if it's something I really, really like.

Tags: Accept, Role

I just feel I shouldn't work too much, because there are so many other things to do.

Tags: Work

I remember those days with Bergman with great nostalgia. We were aware that the films were going to be quite important, and the work felt meaningful.

Tags: Great, Remember, Work

I think English is a fantastic, rich and musical language, but of course your mother tongue is the most important for an actor.

Tags: Language, Mother, Rich

I'm not in retirement. I just don't want to work so much, and I don't get that many offers any more.

Tags: Offers, Retirement, Work

I've never been in a barroom brawl in my life. I just don't do such things.

Tags: Life

In a theater, the part is mine and I can control it as I want to. In the movies, I don't have direct contact, and I am fighting technical machinery.

Tags: Control, Fighting, Movies

In Hollywood they usually cast me as villains or priests.

Tags: Hollywood, Priests, Villains

In this country, you have movie actors and theatre actors and television actors.

Tags: Country, Movie, Theatre

Only very rarely are foreigners or first-generation immigrants allowed to be nice people in American films. Those with an accent are bad guys.

Tags: American, Bad, Nice

Perhaps I scare people. I don't know why.

Tags: Perhaps, Scare, Why

Producers are not gamblers. They want a good return on their investment.

Tags: Good, Investment, Return
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Spielberg knows his craft so well, he can also improvise, and that is a lot of fun.

Tags: Craft, Fun, Knows

The more I had to act like a saint, the more I felt like being a sinner.

Tags: Act, Felt, Sinner

The offers I get are for grandfathers, uncles - and they often die very quickly in the script.

Tags: Die, Often, Uncles

There are those who want to believe but can't, and there are those who believe as children and it's no problem for them at all.

Tags: Children, Problem

When I finished the role of Christ, I felt as though I'd been let out on parole. A man who has served 18 months isn't eager to go back to prison.

Tags: Christ, Felt, Though

I began imagining scenes in public which some drunk would come up to me and slap me in the face. Nothing like that ever happened, but I often wonder if I would have turned the other cheek.

Tags: Drunk, Face, Often