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Mike Oldfield's Quotes

Mike Oldfield profile photo

Born: 1953-05-15
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Mike Oldfield

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In summer winter rain or sun, it's good to be on horseback.

Tags: Good, Rain, Sun

I don't have any friends; I just have lawyers.

Tags: Friends, Lawyers

I think I'm a good father, but that's taken a lifetime of experience.

Tags: Experience, Father, Good

I thought I'd join the RAF and become a wing commander. I realised this wasn't possible, although I do have a pilot's licence.

Tags: Become, Possible, Thought

I'd probably say to my younger self, get yourself a whole collection of lawyers. Which is what I have now.

Tags: Self, Whole, Yourself

I'm also good at meditation. It involves doing nothing and everything at the same time.

Tags: Good, Meditation, Time

I'm an ardent Trekkie and I look forward to the United Federation of Planets.

Tags: Forward, Planets, United

I'm just so grateful and astonished that I'm still respected and listened to.

Tags: Astonished, Grateful, Respected

The biggest problems were to do with... well, to get that successful when you're so young, it attracts hangers-on, parasites, people who want to feed off you.

Tags: Problems, Successful, Young

Ah, dearer than my soul. Dearer than light, or life, or fame.

Tags: Life, Light, Soul

And all your future lies beneath your hat.

Tags: Future, Hat, Lies

I wear my Pen as others do their Sword.

Tags: Others, Sword, Wear

Lord of myself, accountable to none, but to my conscience, and my God alone.

Tags: Alone, Conscience, God

One of my resolutions is to quit smoking. I've tried for the past two years, but this year I am going to stick with it.

Tags: Past, Smoking, Year

We had an awfully good ball club that was capable of beating anybody. They were that good.

Tags: Anybody, Capable, Good

While some no other cause for life can give, but a dull habitude to live.

Tags: Give, Life, While

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