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Mind-Blowing Quotes

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Neuroscience over the next 50 years is going to introduce things that are mind-blowing.

Tags: Introduce, Next  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

It was mind-blowing. It was a small place with 2,000 standing-up tickets. It's great to have your band back and working and playing again, people have been so generous.

Tags: Great, Small, Working  ✍ Author: Andy Taylor

My whole career from the early 70s on has been mind-blowing. I didn't imagine in my life that I would ever be considered a guitar player first of all because I started off as a singer.

Tags: Career, Guitar, Life  ✍ Author: George Benson

My absolute favorite growing up was 'Super Friends.' The assemblage of so many mighty heroes in one place was, to me, mind-blowing. It was Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and then sometimes Hawkman and some other, lesser heroes.

Tags: Friends, Sometimes, Woman  ✍ Author: Michael Ian Black

All this stuff is so mind-blowing to me that I get to do in my life. Throwing the first pitch out at the White Sox game on a random Wednesday? Like who am I? How did I get this life? I'm glad I'm not jaded, and little kids are the least jaded people in the entire world, so it's fun to be around people that still find wonder in how cool things are.

Tags: Cool, Fun, Life  ✍ Author: Jonah Hill

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Mind-Blowing quote #2
Mind-Blowing quote #2
Mind-Blowing quote #2
Mind-Blowing quote #2
Mind-Blowing quote #2

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