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Modern Times Quotes

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In prehistoric times, mankind often had only two choices in crisis situations: fight or flee. In modern times, humor offers us a third alternative; fight, flee - or laugh.

Tags: Crisis, Fight, Humor  ✍ Author: Robert Orben

The Reagan Administration, generally regarded as having conducted the most successful Transition of modern times, had managed during the election campaign to build bridges to the Democrats in some areas, notably foreign and national security policy.

Tags: Election, Successful, Times  ✍ Author: Paul Allen

One of the most feared expressions in modern times is 'The computer is down.'

Tags: Computers, Modern, Times  ✍ Author: Norman Ralph Augustine

Rarely in modern times has there been such a revolution in commercial sentiment as occurred in 2008, or such a display in government and business of panic and helplessness.

Tags: Business, Government, Revolution  ✍ Author: James Buchan

The year 2008 was a reminder to those who had forgotten that there is such a thing as history and that the cycle of famine and feast in commerce, first identified in antiquity and well understood in the Middle Ages, was not suddenly abolished in modern times.

Tags: History, Times, Year  ✍ Author: James Buchan

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Modern Times quote #2
Modern Times quote #2
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