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Monica Bellucci's Quotes

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Born: 1964-09-30
Profession: Actress
Nation: Italian
Biography of Monica Bellucci

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It's not the Jews that killed Christ. It was a political situation, and it was the Romans who killed Jesus. They put Jesus on the cross, not the Jews.

Tags: Jesus, Political, Put

Mel is a great director because he's not just a director, he's an actor, so he knows how to direct actors. I loved working with him. He's great as a director. He's so intelligent. He's generous. I really loved him.

Tags: Great, Him, Working

When people divorce, it's always such a tragedy. At the same time, if people stay together it can be even worse.

Tags: Divorce, Time, Together

After a while in marriage, it doesn't work anymore. There is something missing, there is something wrong. There are few marriages that stay alive forever. We like something, and after a while, we hate what we used to love.

Tags: Love, Marriage, Work

I feel fine and comfortable with myself, but not because I'm beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Fine

In a couple, sometimes, one or both people have to give up their personal life, dreams and ambitions for the good of the family.

Tags: Dreams, Family, Life

I know many beautiful people and their lives are just so terrible. They feel so uncomfortable with themselves. Being comfortable is not about what you look like, but how you feel.

Tags: Beautiful, Lives, Themselves

I'm a lucky person because I've been loved a lot. I have a great family.

Tags: Family, Great, Loved

We all need illusions. That's why we love movies.

Tags: Love, Movies, Why

When a relationship doesn't work anymore, it's terrible to stay with someone that you don't love.

Tags: Love, Someone, Work

Envy is human nature.

Tags: Envy, Human, Nature

I think the lawyers are such incredible actors. Can you imagine the performance they have to do every day?

Tags: Imagine, Incredible, Lawyers

When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life.

Tags: Food, Life, Real

When you see a silent movie, you understand everything that's going on from the images because the images are so strong.

Tags: Silent, Strong, Understand

I believe that time destroys everything. You can take one beautiful apple, red. After a while, it becomes shrivelled and full of worms, just like what happens to us.

Tags: After, Beautiful, Time

An actor works with their soul and their thought.

Tags: Actor, Soul, Thought

I have no idea how I'm perceived in America because I don't live the reality of America.

Tags: America, Idea, Reality

I'm not a movie star. I'm just an actress.

Tags: Actress, Movie, Star

In acting process, it's very difficult to explain. It's something very intimate, very private.

Tags: Acting, Difficult, Process

Irreversible is not glamorous at all. I try to do different things because I want to grow as an actress and I like to take risks.

Tags: Actress, Grow, Try
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Now, all the movies are for teenagers. It's very difficult for an actress to find really deep, beautiful characters to play.

Tags: Beautiful, Deep, Movies

Sometimes it's more difficult to exist as a female lead, especially in action movies because all those men are around you. They take so much place.

Tags: Men, Movies, Sometimes

Time destroys everything.

Tags: Destroys, Time

When I have to go to Cannes, that is boring to me.

Tags: Boring, Cannes

When I make an American movie it's going to come out all over the world-it doesn't happen the same way for an Italian film or a French film.

Tags: American, Film, Happen

When you're in front of the camera, for a small budget or a big budget movie, there's no difference.

Tags: Big, Movie, Small

If you have a script that's not great, if you have a great director, you can make a great movie, but if you have a great script with a director who's not good, never are you going to have a good movie.

Tags: Good, Great, Movie