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Naomi Klein's Quotes

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Born: 1970-05-08
Profession: Journalist
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Naomi Klein

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Africa is poor because its investors and its creditors are unspeakably rich.

Tags: Africa, Poor, Rich

When Nike says, just do it, that's a message of empowerment. Why aren't the rest of us speaking to young people in a voice of inspiration?

Tags: Rest, Why, Young

Politics hates a vacuum. If it isn't filled with hope, someone will fill it with fear.

Tags: Fear, Hope, Politics

The truly powerful feed ideology to the masses like fast food while they dine on the most rarified delicacy of all: impunity.

Tags: Food, Powerful, While

Those looking for ideology in the White House should consider this: For the men who rule our world, rules are for other people.

Tags: Looking, Men, Rules

We are looking to brands for poetry and for spirituality, because we're not getting those things from our communities or from each other.

Tags: Getting, Looking, Poetry
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Naomi Klein's quote #3
Naomi Klein's quote #3
Naomi Klein's quote #3
Naomi Klein's quote #3
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