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Naya Rivera's Quotes

Naya Rivera profile photo

Born: 1987-01-12
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Naya Rivera

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If you think back to your first love, you always remember them and little things always remind you of them.

Tags: Love, Remember, Remind

For people to even think that I'd be considered or a good candidate for a supporting actress nomination is mind blowing to me.

Tags: Actress, Good, Mind

Getting hit on by both genders is such a champagne problem.

Tags: Both, Getting, Problem

I find it's really hard for anybody to meet anyone. I'm not big on dates anyways. I still have to work that out.

Tags: Big, Hard, Work

I want to play Lena Horne because I've always been fascinated with her. Her talent was astounding and more than that, her life story is incredible.

Tags: Her, Life, Talent

I will admit to hoarding beauty products. I'm a beauty lady.

Tags: Admit, Beauty, Lady

It's on my bucket list, to get in a real fight.

Tags: Fight, List, Real

My passion for music is one of my greatest loves.

Tags: Greatest, Music, Passion

From the time I was 16 to really up until turning 21, the roles were really, really few and far between. I had people say that I just wasn't a good singer. They didn't know what to do with me; I would never fit in any markets. I almost quit acting altogether.

Tags: Acting, Good, Time

Honestly, I never thought I'd actually be playing a teen lesbian. I didn't think it was going to go this far. But I'm glad that it did, because there have been a lot of fans who have expressed that they've been going through similar situations in their lives.

Tags: Lesbian, Teen, Thought

I am half Puerto Rican, a quarter German and a quarter black. That was always a big issue for me - being mixed race - because casting directors tended to be very like, 'OK, are you Hispanic for this role?' 'Or is she going to be African American?'

Tags: American, Big, Black

I love hot yoga. I go to a sculpt class with weights. That's really good for the core and it's obviously super hot. I love cardio bar. I'm not a big gym fan, so I like to go to classes.

Tags: Big, Good, Love

I think it's important to be able to say that you did live a normal life and struggled to make ends meet. It all has to do with work ethic and how I apply myself to my awesome job now. I've always been used to working because I've been working since I was four.

Tags: Job, Life, Work

I used to be a workout fiend and I was so unhappy because I wanted to eat what I wanted to eat. So now if I know I have to be in a bikini, I'll obviously watch what I eat for a week.

Tags: Unhappy, Used, Wanted

I had been raised in the church, but I wasn't a Christian. I had a lot of head knowledge but no heart knowledge.

Tags: Christian, Heart, Knowledge

I want to see Christian fiction speak to the hard and real issues that tear people's lives apart.

Tags: Christian, Hard, Real

I'll often dream about characters before I start writing their stories.

Tags: Dream, Start, Writing

Like everyone else, there are days when I don't want to go to work. However, writing is a job like anything else.

Tags: Job, Work, Writing

My job is to allow the character to live and breathe - and become as real to the reader as he or she is to me.

Tags: Character, Job, Real

The goal is to have every character take on a life of his or her own. Sometimes characters will come into the story that I haven't planned.

Tags: Character, Goal, Life

When we love like Jesus does, lives change for the better.

Tags: Change, Jesus, Love

I actually worked in the general market for many years writing steamy historical romance, and I had more freedom in the Christian market than I ever did in the general market to write about any issue that I needed to write about.

Tags: Christian, Freedom, Writing

I became a Christian late, in my late 30s, so I had a lot of things that I was bringing into my Christian life that I regret. And I had a lot of questions about faith, so that's where I start when I write.

Tags: Faith, Life, Regret

I start work by spending time in personal Bible study. Because my projects center on a question in my own faith walk, I find Bible study essential. And God gives me scriptures daily that speak to the question with which I'm struggling.

Tags: Faith, Time, Work

My favorite book is 'Redeeming Love.' It was my first as a born-again Christian, my statement of faith, and the most exciting year I've spent writing anything.

Tags: Book, Faith, Love

That is one of the reasons I write: to feel the Presence of God and know He is speaking to me in a very personal way, instructing me, correcting me, redirecting me.

Tags: God, Personal, Write
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Well, I always wanted to write from the time I was very little, and my mother encouraged me. She wrote a journal from the time she was 15 up until about the age of 76.

Tags: Age, Mother, Time
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