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Private Business Quotes

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County government can be simplified greatly by reorganizing and consolidating some of the offices, making others appointive, and reducing salaries in keeping with the salaries paid by private business for the performance of similar duties.

Tags: Business, Government, Others  ✍ Author: Arthur Capper

The State of Virginia is similar to a great business corporation... and should be conducted with the same efficiency and economy as any private business.

Tags: Business, Great, State  ✍ Author: Harry F. Byrd

When we want to have our own style of living, it is nobody's business but ours. What we do in private is our private business.

Tags: Business, Living, Nobody  ✍ Author: Eartha Kitt

The Republican platform specifically says we don't believe in bailing out private business, and yet we did.

Tags: Business, Republican, Says  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

Who uses funds more productively - private citizens or the government? I dare say that Warren Buffett can use his surplus funds more effectively in private business and creating jobs than the government can.

Tags: Business, Government, Jobs  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Skoll

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Private Business quote #2
Private Business quote #2
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