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Public Company Quotes

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Doing stuff that I don't have to talk about because I'm not in a public company is fantastic.

Tags: Public, Stuff, Talk  ✍ Author: Michael Eisner

I hated being a public company CEO.

Tags: Company, Hated, Public  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Katzenberg

The question was, in a sense, at Princeton Review, how much value was I adding as a public company CEO. I was adding less than other people might've... I think you want to move on when you've given your best work and then feel that you're not going to add as much value moving forward.

Tags: Best, Forward, Work  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Katzenberg

I enjoy not being a public company.

Tags: Company, Enjoy, Public  ✍ Author: Marc Andreessen

Life at a public company ain't for me. The board pays you what you're worth, then you get reamed for your compensation.

Tags: Life, Public, Worth  ✍ Author: Irving Azoff

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