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Ronald Reagan Quotes

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Libertarians are essentially what the Republicans were 30 years ago. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. They'd all fit more under the Libertarian label than the modern day Republican label.

Tags: Fit, Modern, Republican  ✍ Author: Drew Carey

I was a big fan of Ronald Reagan. He was the first president I got to vote for.

Tags: Big, President, Vote  ✍ Author: Steve Daines

In fact, there is clear evidence of black intellectual superiority: in 1984, 92 percent of blacks voted to retire Ronald Reagan, compared to only 36 percent of whites.

Tags: Black, Clear, Fact  ✍ Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, conservatives have succeeded by adhering to a platform that rests firmly on three legs: smaller government, faith and family, and a strong national defense. These three legs do not merely represent a political coalition; they are three necessary components of a strong and secure America.

Tags: Faith, Family, Government  ✍ Author: Frank Gaffney

Then came the hostage crisis during which Carter did nothing to rattle the ayatollahs who hung tough until Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, when they suddenly backed down.

Tags: Crisis, Tough, Until  ✍ Author: Alexander Haig

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Ronald Reagan quote #2
Ronald Reagan quote #2
Ronald Reagan quote #2
Ronald Reagan quote #2
Ronald Reagan quote #2

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