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Scott Walker's Quotes

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Born: 1967-11-02
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Scott Walker

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One of those promises was to limit the size of government and to have the government serve the people - and not the other way around.

Tags: Government, Promises, Serve

People create jobs, not the government.

Tags: Create, Government, Jobs

The real bottom line is, the national unions want their hands on the money.

Tags: Line, Money, Real

There could not be a more stark contrast between Wisconsin and Illinois.

Tags: Between, Contrast, Wisconsin

We need someone to turn things around in America.

Tags: America, Someone, Turn

We showed that when we say 'Wisconsin is open for business', we mean it.

Tags: Business, Mean, Open

We'll look to the fall and if there is a new president and a new Senate that's part of a Congress willing to change, that's the next step.

Tags: Change, Next, President

Who is in charge? Is it taxpayers or is it the special interest groups?

Tags: Groups, Interest, Special

You can make tough decisions that I believe voters for years have asked us to do.

Tags: Asked, Decisions, Tough

You've got to have a vision. You've got to have a message.

Tags: Message, Vision

Certainly political capital-slash-celebrity attention, whatever you want to call it, certainly is part of the reason why I've been reaching out to CEOs. There's a lot of folks who probably would have taken a call from me before but are even more inclined now and are interested in what we're doing because of all the attention.

Tags: Political, Reason, Why

I believe that smaller government is better government. But I also believe that in the areas where government does play a legitimate role, we should demand that it is done better.

Tags: Done, Government, Role

I think most people believe success in government is how many fewer people are in government, not because you kick them off of benefits like unemployment but they've been able to control their own destiny because private sector employers have created more jobs.

Tags: Control, Government, Success

It is only fair to expect public employees like me and others in the public sector to pay something close to what our neighbors and our fellow citizens do in the private sector.

Tags: Fair, Others, Public

Let this be our time in history so that someday we can tell our children and grandchildren that we were there, that we changed the course of history for the better.

Tags: Children, History, Time

Looking at America's history, ordinary people did something extraordinary. Leaders risked their lives for freedoms that we take for granted today.That's what instills confidence. That's us. We will move forward and prosper because that's who we are as Americans.

Tags: Forward, History, Today

More people on unemployment benefits is not success in America, fewer people on not because we kicked them off but because they have been able to get a job in the private sector, because government got out of the way.

Tags: Government, Job, Success

Now things have changed for the better. Our reforms end seniority and tenure so we can hire and fire based on merit and pay based on performance. That means we can put the best and the brightest in our classrooms - and we can keep them there.

Tags: Best, End, Fire

Political leaders in Illinois kicked the can down the road, raised taxes, and ignored fiscal realities. Now, they're realizing the consequences of their actions: credit downgrades and negative outlooks.

Tags: Negative, Political, Road

So let me be clear, Collective bargaining isn't a right, it is an expensive entitlement. Once and for all, we are giving the taxpayers a voice in this debate. We put the power back in the hands of the people.

Tags: Giving, Power, Put

We are the ones looking out for the middle class. Who do think pays for the endless expansion of government? Its middle class taxpayers. Our reforms protect middle class taxpayers.

Tags: Class, Government, Looking

What makes America amazing is that there have always been men and women of courage who were willing to think more about the future of their children and grandchildren than they did about their own political careers.

Tags: Courage, Men, Women

When we win, it will tell every politician in America that if you are bold, if you do the right thing, if you tackle the tough issues, there will be people standing there right with you.

Tags: America, Tough, Win
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You look at Governor Romney's record in the private sector, he helped turn businesses around. Certainly a decade ago he took what would have been an international disaster with the U.S. Olympics, and turned it around for America and made us great again with the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Tags: Again, America, Great

The unions say 'last hired - first fired,', we say hire and fire based on merit. We want the best and brightest in the classroom.

Tags: Best, Fire, Last

It's time to put our differences aside and find ways to work together to move Wisconsin forward.

Tags: Forward, Time, Work

But Mitt Romney understands, like I understand, that people - not governments - create jobs.

Tags: Create, Jobs, Understand

What has made America amazing has been the fact that throughout our history, throughout the more than 200 years of our history, there have been men and women of courage who stood up and decided it was more important to look out for the future of their children and their grandchildren than their own political futures.

Tags: History, Men, Women

I've often heard the complaint from both Democrat and Republican voters alike that they hate the fact that politicians get into office and they - and they're fearful, they're fearful to make tough decisions because they think more about the next election than they do about the next-generation.

Tags: Decisions, Hate, Tough

A wise governor told me a long time ago, political capital you don't get more of by keeping it. You get it by using it.

Tags: Political, Time, Wise

We could see the Teamsters coming in from New Jersey, the AFL-CIO from Chicago. You could see all of the people being bused in.

Tags: Chicago, Coming, Jersey

But I don't want massive layoffs of anyone - public or private. We are planning on shrinking government through attrition and reform, not through random pink slips.

Tags: Anyone, Government, Public

I hate big government, but I really hate a government that doesn't work. So when 'they say we either have to raise taxes or cut core services,' it's actually a 'false choice.'

Tags: Government, Hate, Work

I think in the end the big issue is that the private sector still needs more help. And the answer is not more big government. I know in my state our reforms allowed us to protect firefighters, police officers, and teachers.

Tags: End, Government, Help

So why am I facing a recall election? Simple: the big government union bosses from Washington want their money. They don't like the fact that I did something fundamentally pro-worker; something that's truly about freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Government, Money

And I think Governor Romney has a shot if the 'R' next to his name doesn't just stand for 'Republican,' it stands for 'reformer.'

Tags: Next, Republican, Stand

Elections have consequences.

Tags: Elections

I have not made any plans for the future, and my wife would kill me if I announced anything before that.

Tags: Future, Plans, Wife

I have unbelievable support among Republicans.

Tags: Among, Support

I joke with my kids, who love history, that I'll be the only governor to be elected twice in his first term.

Tags: History, Kids, Love

I kept my promises.

Tags: Kept, Promises

I promised to empower the taxpayer - instead of a handful of big government union bosses.

Tags: Big, Government, Union

I'd like now and into the future to play a bigger role not only in Wisconsin and the Midwest, but nationally. I'd like to have an impact.

Tags: Bigger, Future, Role

In education, they say either property taxes have to go up, or we'll have poor education - that's a false choice.

Tags: Choice, Education, Poor

Like many places across the country, Wisconsin lost more than 100,000 jobs from 2008 to 2010. Unemployment during that time topped out at over 9%.

Tags: Country, Lost, Time

Mitt Romney turned businesses around in the private sector. He saved the Winter Olympics.

Tags: Olympics, Private, Winter

My kids were targeted on Facebook by protesters.

Tags: Facebook, Kids, Targeted

My problem with public sector union leaders, the bosses, has been they stood in the way of protecting the taxpayer.

Tags: Problem, Public, Union

One of the things I get amused by is when my opponent talks about the middle class.

Tags: Class, Middle, Talks

It is very difficult to make the ideas in my head come to life, but what is harder is making them look effortless.

Tags: Difficult, Life, Making

Only photograph what you love.

Tags: Love, Photograph

You have to raise the bar. Give yourself a challenge. Ask yourself, 'How can one make the impossible materialise?'

Tags: Give, Impossible, Yourself

Your aim as a photographer is to get a picture of that person that means something. Portraits aren't fantasies; they need to tell a truth.

Tags: Means, Tell, Truth

Even the pictures I was doing at college - a little narrative based on a butterfly catcher, or a chimney sweep - the images were always telling stories. They were all scenarios and moods which I storyboarded and worked through - it's exactly what I do now.

Tags: College, Pictures, Worked

Fantasy isn't something I put into the pictures; I don't try and inject them with a sense of play. But it's about being an honest photographer; a photograph is as much of a mirror of the photographer as it is the subject.

Tags: Put, Sense, Try

I'm very particular who I work with. I'm not interested in portraying women with a cliched, generic look. I'm interested in a model who I can take a portrait of.

Tags: Interested, Women, Work

I've never been in love with fashion, actually; trends and catwalks don't interest me. I love clothes; I love them historically and currently. They represent a spirit of the times and the zeitgeist.

Tags: Fashion, Love, Times

Looking back at my earlier pictures, I think that the work is very much coming from the same place. I have gone through a period of challenging myself with a complicated idea to currently challenging myself with the idea of simplicity.

Tags: Idea, Place, Work

When I was at college, the idea of fashion was more immediate to me, whereas art photography, the depth of it, was a different thing. Storytelling - fanciful storytelling - can only be told through fashion photography. It's the perfect way to play with fantasy and dreams.

Tags: Art, Dreams, Fashion
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