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Being too thin. Being bigger. I've been criticized for being on both sides of the scale.

Tags: Both, Sides  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

Nonviolence is a flop. The only bigger flop is violence.

Tags: Flop, Violence  ✍ Author: Joan Baez

I always felt like something bigger was waiting for me out there.

Tags: Felt, Waiting  ✍ Author: Jonathan Cain

I wasn't always black... there was this freckle, and it got bigger and bigger.

Tags: Black  ✍ Author: Bill Cosby

My philosophy is the thicker the wood the thicker the sound, the bigger the string the bigger the sound. My smallest string is a 14 gauge.

Tags: Philosophy, Sound  ✍ Author: Dick Dale

I'm looking to see what the bigger picture is.

Tags: Looking, Picture  ✍ Author: Chris Daughtry

Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should all be bigger than life.

Tags: Acting, Life  ✍ Author: Bette Davis

People wouldn't even go into science unless there was something much bigger to be discovered, something that is transcendent.

Tags: Science, Unless  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

Nobody has a bigger cult than Warren Buffett.

Tags: Cult, Nobody  ✍ Author: Michael Eisner

When it comes to size, most people don't want to see themselves looking bigger than what they are.

Tags: Looking, Themselves  ✍ Author: Missy Elliot

The bigger confrontation is the one an individual has with itself.

Tags: Individual  ✍ Author: Asghar Farhadi

Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.

Tags: Found, Muscle  ✍ Author: Philip Jose Farmer

Lennon was right. And we are bigger than Jesus. We will be as big as the Beatles, if not bigger.

Tags: Big, Jesus  ✍ Author: Liam Gallagher

By year three, you get nicer, bigger trailers.

Tags: Three, Year  ✍ Author: Peter Gallagher

The total economy of Latin America is bigger than China.

Tags: America, Economy  ✍ Author: William Hague

Not admitting a mistake is a bigger mistake.

Tags: Admitting, Mistake  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

Some people are naturally thin and some people are naturally heavier. It doesn't mean that bigger is healthier, or much thinner is healthier, it's on an individual basis.

Tags: Individual, Mean  ✍ Author: Geri Halliwell

And no, we don't know where it will lead. We just know there's something much bigger than any of us here.

Tags: Here, Lead  ✍ Author: Steve Jobs

In India I've been to all the award functions, but that was in Hindi; now it's in English so it's a much bigger scale.

Tags: English, India  ✍ Author: Anil Kapoor

Makers of empire, they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones.

Tags: Empire, Higher  ✍ Author: Herbert Kaufman

There's no bigger supporter in Jessica's life than me.

Tags: Jessica, Life  ✍ Author: Nick Lachey

The bigger you get, the more pressure you have to deal with.

Tags: Deal, Pressure  ✍ Author: Johann Heinrich Lambert

China tennis - we're getting bigger and bigger.

Tags: Getting, Tennis  ✍ Author: Li Na

The smaller the head, the bigger the dream.

Tags: Dream, Head  ✍ Author: Kevin O\'Leary

John Wayne was a consummate gentleman. Bigger than life.

Tags: Gentleman, Life  ✍ Author: Jennifer O\'Neill
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You could put on monkeys jumping up and down and get bigger numbers than MSNBC.

Tags: Numbers, Put  ✍ Author: Bill O\'Reilly

You know sometimes it's not the bigger roles that give you the most satisfaction, yeah?

Tags: Give, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Karine Vanasse

I'd like now and into the future to play a bigger role not only in Wisconsin and the Midwest, but nationally. I'd like to have an impact.

Tags: Future, Role  ✍ Author: Scott Walker

I'm one of those people who always tries to overachieve. I want to do more. I want to do bigger things.

Tags: Tries  ✍ Author: Nik Wallenda

Been trading up recently? You have, haven't you? You'll be squawking that you're too rational, too busy and too socially concerned for any of that. But go through the fridge - come to think of it, what about the fridge itself? I bet it's bigger than its predecessor.

Tags: Busy, Concerned  ✍ Author: Peter York

I think I'm in better shape now than I was 10 years ago, but it takes a bigger toll - I get back pain!

Tags: Pain, Takes  ✍ Author: Alessandra Ambrosio

You can do bigger and bigger things. For what?

 ✍ Author: Laurie Anderson

We'd like to think that our music will always be bigger than any one of our individual personalities.

Tags: Individual, Music  ✍ Author: Chester Bennington

For me, I think the bigger something is, the more difficult it is to make it nimble and fleet afoot.

Tags: Difficult, Fleet  ✍ Author: Cate Blanchett

Don't force it, get a bigger hammer.

Tags: Force, Hammer  ✍ Author: Hans Blix

The bigger you are, the harder they come down on you.

Tags: Harder  ✍ Author: Michael Bolton

I hope our hopes and aspirations are bigger than setting records.

Tags: Hope, Hopes  ✍ Author: Drew Brees

I raise quarter horses. Mine are mostly thoroughbred cross horses, a little bigger horses than some people like. I sell them or use them on the ranch. A lot of them go to the rodeo arena and some of them go to racetracks.

Tags: Mine, Sell  ✍ Author: Wilford Brimley

I, sort of, got into comedy accidentally, and it got bigger than I wanted it to.

Tags: Comedy, Wanted  ✍ Author: Albert Brooks

Everything is getting bigger. The way to go now is to program in a little more sophistication.

Tags: Getting, Program  ✍ Author: Zola Budd

There's no bigger task than protecting the homeland of our country.

Tags: Country, Task  ✍ Author: George W. Bush

The bigger the audience, the better with comedy.

Tags: Audience, Comedy  ✍ Author: Jimmy Carr

Bubbles are best identified by credit excesses, not valuation excesses. And there's no bigger credit excess than in China.

Tags: Best, Credit  ✍ Author: William Ellery Channing

Dave thought he was bigger than Van Halen the band. So there was this catfight going on for 10 years.

Tags: Band, Thought  ✍ Author: Gary Cherone

As a dancer, obviously, we are all inspired by Michael Jackson, and I always looked up to Gene Kelly. He was a bigger version of Fred Astaire, and he was amazing as well.

Tags: Amazing, Inspired  ✍ Author: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves.

Tags: Ourselves, Piece  ✍ Author: Adrienne Clarkson

Thatcherism has become bigger than she ever was.

Tags: Become, She  ✍ Author: Jonathan Coe

To see a lot of the smaller labels disappear or get gobbled up by the bigger labels, that's a shame. It was a bit of a shock at first to see the demise of the record stores.

Tags: Bit, Shame  ✍ Author: Phil Collins

I do the things I like to do. It's sort of a bigger version of having more than one hobby.

Tags: Hobby, Version  ✍ Author: Harry Connick, Jr.

There's always going to be someone with a bigger toy than yours.

Tags: Someone, Yours  ✍ Author: Daniel Craig

God is bigger than people think.

Tags: God  ✍ Author: Jimmy Dean

I could never say I'm going to do bigger and better things because that would negate what I've already accomplished, and I don't want to do that.

 ✍ Author: Jeffrey Donovan

Some records are going to be bigger than others. You're always going to be compared to your biggest record.

Tags: Biggest, Others  ✍ Author: Howie Dorough

We're bigger now than we were in the late 70s when we were peaking.

Tags: Late  ✍ Author: Ace Frehley

In 1950, the biggest amp you could get was no bigger than a tabletop radio.

Tags: Biggest, Radio  ✍ Author: Billy Gibbons

There were no bigger stars in the new evangelism than the Bakkers.

Tags: Evangelism, Stars  ✍ Author: Kathie Lee Gifford

We still have a lot of international partner modules that need to get up there to make it truly the international structure that it will be, and that's highly important; we need to get to where the crew size is bigger.

Tags: Partner, Truly  ✍ Author: Linda M. Godwin

The possibilities in sci-fi are wonderful. The subject is bigger than everything we know.

Tags: Subject, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Joel Gretsch

I've come out of a small jail and entered a bigger one.

Tags: Jail, Small  ✍ Author: Chen Guangcheng

If there is a problem, and you don't say anything about it, it's like a cancer and it becomes bigger.

Tags: Cancer, Problem  ✍ Author: Ruud Gullit

My heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Tags: Getting, Heart  ✍ Author: Mariska Hargitay

The more they applaud, the bigger your salary will be.

Tags: Applaud, Salary  ✍ Author: Anna Held

I got a bit enamoured with bigger houses and things like that.

Tags: Bit, Houses  ✍ Author: John Hewson

People's intelligence tends to be in inverse proportion to their number. People don't tend to get smarter as they get into bigger groups.

Tags: Groups, Number  ✍ Author: Robyn Hitchcock

I think more people need to make out.

Tags: Happens, Small  ✍ Author: Joshua Homme

The bigger the crowd the better really! The noise calms your nerves.

Tags: Crowd, Noise  ✍ Author: Niall Horan

I'm still enjoying discovering more designers and getting to play dress-up in a bigger way than I ever have before.

Tags: Enjoying, Getting  ✍ Author: Carly Rae Jepsen

For John Wilkes Booth, sweeping, grand gestures were a way of life. It was how he navigated his way through this world. The bigger and bolder, the better.

Tags: Grand, Life  ✍ Author: Jesse Johnson

Our football program is bigger than any one person.

Tags: Football, Program  ✍ Author: Craig Johnston

There is nothing likely to get you a bigger headline than attacking your own party.

Tags: Likely, Party  ✍ Author: Mark Lawrenson

I was painfully initiated into boxing, because the guys I fought were a lot bigger than me.

Tags: Boxing, Guys  ✍ Author: Sugar Ray Leonard

If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer.

Tags: Hammer, Succeed  ✍ Author: Alan Lewis

So, you need to balance it out with bigger and smaller movies.

Tags: Balance, Movies  ✍ Author: Ray Liotta

You could just do independent movies, but I like bigger kind of studio movies, at least some of them.

Tags: Movies, Studio  ✍ Author: Ray Liotta

I think the play actually became bigger than me. No pun intended.

Tags: Actually, Pun  ✍ Author: Camryn Manheim

To me, bigger is better.

 ✍ Author: Cindy Margolis

Webcomics are much bigger than any one scene can circumscribe.

Tags: Scene  ✍ Author: Scott McCloud

The biggest thrill in the world is entertaining the public, there is no bigger thrill than that.

Tags: Biggest, Public  ✍ Author: Vince McMahon

W2K will be a bigger disaster than Y2K.

Tags: Disaster  ✍ Author: Scott McNealy

With a sequel you're always trying to get bigger and better.

Tags: Sequel, Trying  ✍ Author: Breckin Meyer

If you want to fight against a declining trend, you've got to have a much bigger bazooka.

Tags: Against, Fight  ✍ Author: David Miliband

We wanted to be certain they didn't have a bigger deficit, and Kennedy agreed with me.

Tags: Deficit, Wanted  ✍ Author: Wilbur Mills

Bigger than life is not difficult for me. I am bigger than life.

Tags: Difficult, Life  ✍ Author: Rita Moreno

You can't ask your pharmacist to stock larger quantities of potassium nitrate because you want to make a bigger rocket.

Tags: Ask, Pharmacist  ✍ Author: Kary Mullis

We're feeding all these zoos. And that's getting bigger and bigger.

Tags: Feeding, Getting  ✍ Author: Dick Van Patten

We don't need bigger government. We need to shrink the size of government.

Tags: Government, Size  ✍ Author: Rand Paul

In any event, the problem in Iran is much bigger than weapons. The problem is the terrorist regime that seeks the weapons. The regime must go.

Tags: Problem, Weapons  ✍ Author: Richard Perle

The rim is looking bigger and bigger every game.

Tags: Game, Looking  ✍ Author: Paul Pierce

I want my world to get bigger and not end up in a small corner.

Tags: End, Small  ✍ Author: Sarah Polley

I wanna cover more ground, get a bigger fan base.

Tags: Fan, Ground  ✍ Author: Big Pun

The big will get bigger; the small will get wiped out.

Tags: Big, Small  ✍ Author: Charles Revson

When you're out there with thousands of people it's probably better to have a bigger show to look at, and it turned out really well and they videoed it for me.

Tags: Show, Thousands  ✍ Author: Cliff Richard

Just when I think it couldn't get any bigger, 'Tuskegee' reaches a new level of success.

Tags: Level, Success  ✍ Author: Lionel Richie

The stars don't look bigger, but they do look brighter.

Tags: Brighter, Stars  ✍ Author: Sally Ride

I think maybe Mr. Sinise and Mr. Bacon have slightly bigger egos than I do.

Tags: Egos, Maybe  ✍ Author: Eric Roberts

I don't think there's any honor bigger than going to your Hall of Fame for your sport.

Tags: Fame, Honor  ✍ Author: Pete Rose

Australians are very provincial in many ways. If they feel that you've used them as a stepping stone to bigger things, they resent it.

Tags: Used, Ways  ✍ Author: Graham Russell

Bigger is always better.

 ✍ Author: Adam Savage

It could be that people just want to be connected to something that's bigger than they are that can't be proven. I don't know, I don't think that's it.

Tags: Connected, Proven  ✍ Author: Dwight Schultz

When you do bigger films, the financiers take more risks.

Tags: Films, Risks  ✍ Author: Dougray Scott
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