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Sebastian Thrun's Quotes

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Born: 1967-05-14
Profession: Scientist
Nation: German
Biography of Sebastian Thrun

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I take all day to climb mountains and then spend about 10 minutes at the top admiring the view.

Tags: Spend, Top, View

I'm really looking forward to a time when generations after us look back and say how ridiculous it was that humans were driving cars.

Tags: After, Forward, Time

It's a no-brainer for me that at some point our cars will have the ability to drive themselves.

Tags: Ability, Point, Themselves

That's what Google taught me. Aim higher. Udacity is my playground - to radically experiment and find out. I've seen the light.

Tags: Aim, Light, Seen

Every time I act on a fear, I feel disappointed in myself. I have a lot of fear. If I can quit all fear in my life and all guilt, then I tend to be much, much more living up to my standards. I've never seen a person fail if they didn't fear failure.

Tags: Fear, Life, Time

I have a really deep belief that we create technologies to empower ourselves. We've invented a lot of technology that just makes us all faster and better, and I'm generally a big fan of this. I just want to make sure that this technology stays subservient to people. People are the number one entity there is on this planet.

Tags: Big, Deep, Technology

I have been spending the better part of my professional life trying to create self-driving cars. At Google, I am working with a world-class team of engineers to turn science fiction into reality.

Tags: Life, Reality, Science

I learned to basically pull my own weight, just do my own thing. I spent a lot of time alone and I loved it. It was actually really great because to the present day I love spending time alone. I go bicycling alone, go climbing alone and I just love being with myself and observing myself and learning something.

Tags: Great, Love, Time

I've developed my passion for cars that drive themselves from being stuck in traffic for many, many, many hours of my life. I don't know what it adds up to, but I feel like I've lost a year or two just in traffic. That's big to me. That's a lot of time, a lot of money that I just lose on the road.

Tags: Life, Money, Time

Question every assumption and go towards the problem, like the way they flew to the moon. We should have more moon shots and flights to the moon in areas of societal importance.

Tags: Moon, Problem, Question

Self-driving cars will enable car-sharing even in spread-out suburbs. A car will come to you just when you need it. And when you are done with it, the car will just drive away, so you won't even have to look for parking.

Tags: Away, Car, Done

The Jetsons had them in the 1960s. They were the defining element of 'Knight Rider' in the 1980s: cars that drive themselves. Self-driving cars appear in countless science fiction movies. By Hollywood standards, they are so normal we don't even notice them. But in real life, they still don't exist. What if you could buy one today?

Tags: Life, Movies, Science

We humans usually feel that we are the best at everything we do, that we can safely drive ourselves. But tens of thousands of people die every year. We need to be open to having technology assist us, to find ways in which technology makes us safer.

Tags: Best, Die, Technology
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