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Meg White's Quotes

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Born: 1974-12-10
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Meg White

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Apparently, there's a little red demon dwarf that haunts the city, and before every major bad thing that's happened, it's appeared to somebody. Last time, he appeared in a Cadillac.

Tags: Bad, Last, Time

I remember rehearsing it, and it was the one that we were really excited about and thought would sound the best, and once it was down on tape, it was like, This doesn't actually sound that good.

Tags: Best, Good, Thought

That's what my Dad always told me, on the ballot, they should always have a third choice, like none of the above, then if enough people picked that, they'd have to get new candidates.

Tags: Choice, Dad, Enough

The only things that are a little bit newer are the CD burners, but we hid them under the table, so basically we had the feeling we were somewhere completely different, in another time.

Tags: Another, Feeling, Time

I've always kind of lived in my own world.

Tags: Lived

Because you can be lazy if you don't know the truth.

Tags: Lazy, Truth

It's hard to get that real good feeling about festivals sometimes.

Tags: Feeling, Good, Real

Downtown Detroit has more vacant buildings over 10 storeys than any city in the world.

Tags: Buildings, City, Detroit

Even at the last minute we were still debating what was gonna be released as the first single.

Tags: Last, Minute, Single

Every second is mapped out and he has this total childish fascination with color and shapes and sequences.

Tags: Childish, Color, Second

Everything else outside me seems far, far away.

Tags: Away, Else, Far

I don't want to know about my biggest idols. I don't want to read their autobiographies, I don't want to find out what they're really like.

Tags: Biggest, Idols, Read

I got more used to my own voice, but still it's hard for me to listen to my own voice, or hear the recordings.

Tags: Hard, Used, Voice

I have to have the cotton candy shipped in.

Tags: Candy, Cotton

I met Drew Barrymore in New York and she said she liked the band. That was really cool. I grew up on her.

Tags: Cool, Her, Said

I think there's a lot of problems with being a two-party system.

Tags: Problems, System

I wouldn't want to be in a Lisa episode. They're kind of boring. Maybe a Homer one would be better.

Tags: Boring, Episode, Maybe

I've never been much into picking things apart.

Tags: Apart, Picking

It's cool to meet your idols. It's a good opportunity to travel. Those kinds of things are good.

Tags: Cool, Good, Travel

It's hard listening to myself.

Tags: Hard, Listening
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It's pretty sad when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Tags: Between, Pretty, Sad

It's the emotion of it that hits me, more than anything technical.

Tags: Emotion, Hits, Technical

Like, people recognizing me on the street never interested me.

Tags: Interested, Street

Maybe I'm a little more confident than I used to be, but not much.

Tags: Confident, Maybe, Used

The cover of Mojo, that was good for us.

Tags: Cover, Good, Mojo

Then we're going to take a lot of time off because in the last three years we've been touring continuously.

Tags: Last, Off, Time

There's nothing I'm doing these days that I ever thought I was gonna do.

Tags: Days, Gonna, Thought

We'll probably be working on another album in the next few months here.

Tags: Another, Here, Working

You know, when I hear music, I just hear the whole thing.

Tags: Hear, Music, Whole

I want to have compassion for my characters - I feel like I am the characters when I'm writing them.

Tags: Characters, Compassion, Writing

I'm a weird guy. I'm practically albino. What about me isn't weird?

Tags: Guy, Weird

I'm attracted to polarizing characters who upend the civility of life.

Tags: Characters, Civility, Life

It's always interesting to challenge yourself to say, 'Is this the best you can do?'

Tags: Best, Challenge, Yourself

It's fun as a creator to make something that allows multiple interpretations.

Tags: Creator, Fun, Multiple

It's fun when you create a world to inhabit it and see the other characters from grounds eye view.

Tags: Create, Fun, View

Most of the shows I've worked on have aired three times and are in the dustbin of history.

Tags: History, Three, Times

My favorite thing is being able to follow my inspiration, and the freedom of being a writer is hard to beat.

Tags: Able, Freedom, Hard

My impulse is to create an aesthetic that's about a humanistic approach to a world and trying to create compassion for all the characters.

Tags: Compassion, Create, Trying

People kind of stumble their way through life a lot of times.

Tags: Life, Stumble, Times

People sometimes seem surprised because often, you know, you know, there's a lot of tortured characters in the stuff I write.

Tags: Often, Sometimes, Write

Production for movies or TV is very painstaking and slow.

Tags: Movies, Production, Tv

The purpose of making people feel uncomfortable is to play with their preconceptions.

Tags: Making, Purpose

There are life lessons that can be derived from reality television.

Tags: Life, Reality, Television

There's something magical about Oaxaca and the vibe of the people.

Tags: Magical, Vibe

To be perfectly honest, I'm competitive.

Tags: Honest, Perfectly

Yeah, it's disturbing when someone has no self-awareness.

Tags: Disturbing, Someone, Yeah

You can come to a political position from an emotional place.

Tags: Emotional, Place, Political

You come to a point where you realize your work doesn't save you.

Tags: Point, Realize, Work

You want to work with people who you like and have an easy rapport with.

Tags: Easy, Rapport, Work

As an actor and a writer, the anxiety about doing TV is that you start to feel like you get married to one tone or one kind of idea and you feel like you want to be able to express a lot of different things.

Tags: Able, Idea, Start

I find as a viewer, when I go to see comedies, the strain to be funny throughout the whole thing. I start to lose my sense of reality, and it ends up feeling like an empty experience; there's funny stuff in it but I've lost the emotional connection to the characters because it's just so bananas.

Tags: Emotional, Experience, Funny

I just think there are certain men who feel like engaging in a story told from a female point of view is somehow a feminizing experience. And that itself is something that they're almost supposed to not want to engage.

Tags: Experience, Men, Point

I once volunteered to teach English as a second language, and I thought that I would have all these intense relationships with all these people from other worlds. Then you get there, and it's like, 'This is a pencil. This is a pencil' And afterward, you like, 'It's so depressing. This isn't what I imagined! I thought this would be more glorious.'

Tags: Language, Once, Thought

I remember I grew up in Pasadena in a very, kind of, homogeneous, kind of, suburban existence and then I went to college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. And there were all these, kind of, hipster New York kids who were so-called 'cultured' and had so much, you know, like knew all the references and, like, already had their look down.

Tags: College, Kids, Remember

I think living in our culture right now, there's a universal experience where we feel like we become what we do. Sometimes that's rewarding and sometimes that creates an existential crisis.

Tags: Crisis, Experience, Living

I used to go online all the time, and then I had to stop myself... because I'm a writer, and it's like: to have a procrastination tool, like, within my computer... it was just getting too hairy.

Tags: Getting, Time, Used

I'm not looking to be the King of Comedy, or the King of Hollywood. I just want to be able to keep making stuff that I'm into and have the opportunity to challenge myself with, wearing different hats.

Tags: Able, Challenge, Keep

If I have a male protagonist, it's a studio movie, and if it's a female protagonist, it's an indie movie. That's just how it is. It's not about the studios. It's about America and who goes to see movies. Women are interested in men and women, and men aren't interested in the woman's story. They just aren't.

Tags: Men, Movies, Women

My first job was with 'Dawson's Creek' where everybody looked good and they spoke better than you. It was kind of a wish fulfillment, fantasy-type show.

Tags: Good, Job, Wish

Sometimes when you write something on the page, it can seem very funny, but when you act it out - and this happens to me a lot, actually - the melancholy of the situation becomes more front and center.

Tags: Funny, Sometimes, Write

The things that drive me crazy are coming from this place of people suffering because of people polluting into rivers or whatever. It's not simply just about systems; it's an emotional reaction to seeing animals or people suffering.

Tags: Crazy, Emotional, Place

There's something very touching to me about someone almost communicating to themselves in some way - trying to come to some deeper understanding of yourself and having compassion for yourself.

Tags: Someone, Trying, Yourself

What I find frustrating about scripted television is that it's rare that you are surprised by how you feel about the character, or how you feel about the show.

Tags: Character, Show, Television

You feel a little weird, as a writer of scripted television for many years, to say you're a fan of reality TV. You feel like a traitor. But I am a total fan.

Tags: Reality, Weird, Writer

You watch stuff like 'The Real Housewives' and you start to think, 'We're all so vacuous! Is there any nobility to any of these people?' But then you look out into the world, and there are people who are doing cool stuff with their lives.

Tags: Cool, Real, Start

There's a victory in letting go of your expectations.

Tags: Letting, Victory

I think there are certain ways that people are always themselves, but I do think people change.

Tags: Change, Themselves, Ways

My whole life I've been a seeker, searching for something.

Tags: Life, Searching, Whole

To me, I definitely stand in the corner of wanting to give voice to the bullied, and not the bully.

Tags: Bully, Give, Stand

As you get older, you realize just figuring out how to be nice to the people in your personal sphere is almost more challenging than trying to change the bigger culture.

Tags: Change, Nice, Trying

I have had moments where I've had mental-health issues and I've felt like yoga and meditating and reading these Buddhist self-help books actually really help.

Tags: Actually, Help, Reading

I started out writing when I was young; stuff about exposing the truth about how people are not what they appear, about how they are much more dysfunctional than they seem. Pulling back the curtain - that felt smart. But as I got older, exposing how frail people can be seems less and less deep.

Tags: Deep, Smart, Truth

To me, this is from a Buddhist perspective or whatever, sometimes people who are working out their political beliefs, they can rage against the man, and yet at the same time can be oblivious to their own way of stepping on the foot of the person right next to them.

Tags: Political, Time, Working

A flower doesn't love you or hate you, it just exists.

Tags: Flower, Hate, Love

As a director or writer, you have to be so controlling.

Tags: Director, Writer

From my experience, meditating can bring up the most stressful thoughts.

Tags: Bring, Experience, Thoughts

'Girls' is a huge show, as far as buzz, and magazine covers, and getting a ton of copy, and awards. And yet I don't think the viewership is huge.

Tags: Far, Getting, Show

I believe, in general, that even people that are self-pitying, you can feel for them.

Tags: General

I can be really annoying, but I also feel like I'm a nice person.

Tags: Annoying, Nice

I do idiosyncratic dramedies.

Tags: Friends, Give, Opinions

I don't feel the breath of a thousand people over my shoulder.

Tags: Breath, Shoulder, Thousand

I feel like I know how to write plot.

Tags: Plot, Write

I grew up in a religious family, and we weren't allowed to listen to rock music.

Tags: Family, Music, Rock

I guess I'm trying to write stuff that I, as a viewer, would connect to.

Tags: Stuff, Trying, Write

I started as a writer; I started writing when I was little. The acting and directing was an outgrowth of my desire to tell stories.

Tags: Acting, Tell, Writing

I still think of Heaven as a liberal-arts school.

Tags: Heaven, School

I think I'm more of an absurdist than a satirist. I think I'm more of a - humanist? I hate to say it!

Tags: Hate, Humanist, Satirist

I think movie sets can often be stressful, and people take themselves very seriously.

Tags: Often, Seriously, Themselves

I used to have a road-rage issue.

Tags: Issue, Used
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