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Skier Quotes

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I could have been on a path that led to different, more traditional teen romance, and 'Nip/Tuck' shook me loose from any generalization I might have been forced into. It helped me understand I wanted to take on things that were edgier, more challenging and riskier.

Tags: Path, Teen, Understand  ✍ Author: Seth Gabel

We're not necessarily the ski boat, we're the skier. There are countries like Japan and Korea and others who are the ski boat at this point, but we're getting pulled right behind them.

Tags: Getting, Others, Point  ✍ Author: Steve Largent

It's funny to have become an elegant skier now. But my drive is still the same.

Tags: Become, Drive, Funny  ✍ Author: Hermann Maier

I have a strong lead so far, and I would be proud to win it because it remains the summit for a skier. I also aim to collect several smaller crystal trophies at Are, especially the GS Cup.

Tags: Proud, Strong, Win  ✍ Author: Hermann Maier

When it comes to storytelling, not taking risks is riskier than swinging for the fences. I have very simple ambitions when it comes to taking risks in storytelling and programming. I try very hard to avoid the expected.

Tags: Hard, Simple, Try  ✍ Author: Gary Neville

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Skier quote #2
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