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Snug Quotes

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Self-pity in its early stages is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable.

Tags: Become, Early, Feather  ✍ Author: Maya Angelou

Some people talk of morality, and some of religion, but give me a little snug property.

Tags: Give, Religion, Talk  ✍ Author: Maria Edgeworth

I became an adult before I had a kid, which I highly recommend. I just like to throw her around. She's a really good snuggler, and she likes to give kisses and hugs.

Tags: Give, Good, Her  ✍ Author: Jason Bateman

When we shoot 'Scrubs' I spend every waking hour of my life in an abandoned and haunted hospital. All I can date there are ghosts and they tend to be horrible snugglers.

Tags: Hour, Life, Spend  ✍ Author: Zach Braff

The brain sits snugly inside the skull, but it's not a completely flush fit - there is still a layer of fluid between bone and soft tissue that serves as a natural shock absorber. Some shocks, however, can't be absorbed, and when the head gets clobbered too hard, the brain can twist or torque or rattle around inside its skeletal casing.

Tags: Between, Brain, Hard  ✍ Author: John Kluge

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