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Timeless Quotes

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It has a really timeless feel.

 ✍ Author: Bruce Campbell

Actors should be timeless and impersonal.

Tags: Impersonal  ✍ Author: Anne Parillaud

It's like a woman's birthright to knit. It's primal. It's timeless. You don't need electricity to knit. You can do it with a candle, girls!

Tags: Candle, Woman  ✍ Author: Tracey Ullman

The space genre is timeless.

Tags: Genre, Space  ✍ Author: Dirk Benedict

I sometimes feel that if your book sells more than 20 years, then there's something in it that you can say, gee, I did something that endures, that's timeless.

Tags: Book, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Robert Caro

Painting becomes interesting when it becomes timeless.

Tags: Becomes, Painting  ✍ Author: Lexa Doig

I want to make timeless movies.

Tags: Movies  ✍ Author: Fred Durst

Soul music is timeless.

Tags: Music, Soul  ✍ Author: Alicia Keys

I'm very interested in what people will do for money. Money: it's timeless.

Tags: Interested, Money  ✍ Author: Lorrie Moore

I want my shows to be very classic and timeless.

Tags: Classic, Shows  ✍ Author: Matthew Morrison

I absolutely love Oscar. So classic. So timeless.

Tags: Classic, Love  ✍ Author: Nicole Richie

If I were a girl, I always like Chanel. It's so stylish and timeless. So I like Karl Lagerfeld a lot.

Tags: Girl, Stylish  ✍ Author: Yann Tiersen

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